Marshall Cameras Enhance Kent State University’s eSports Live Streams Without Any Player Distractions

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Kent State University originally launched its eSports program in the Fall of 1998 and it was the beginning of something big. Today, with a community of over 400 students and growing daily, the University currently competes at a varsity level in the Overwatch, League of Legends, Rocket League and Hearthstone competitions. Looking to enhance live streams by capturing athlete reactions and interactions with other players and team members, Jason Forbes, broadcast engineer at Kent State University, Teleproductions turned to the miniature CV503 POV and full featured CV730 PTZ cameras from Marshall Electronics.

The University was already very familiar with Marshall, as its cameras are used throughout the campus for some of its traditional sports and as observation cameras for classrooms and labs. The design and integration of Kent State’s 12-seat V-style arena gaming space was done entirely in-house with an assist from Heartland Video, which provided most of the video production gear. The use of Marshall’s ultra-compact cameras allowed the team to enhance its live streams to Twitch without causing any player distractions or interference.

Streaming Success Starts With the Camera

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Live steaming of worship services over the internet is far from entirely new to Houses of Worship, but has taken on a vastly new level of significance for them in recent months. Streaming was already a growing part of many churches’ initiatives to expand their ministries and connect with members unable to attend in person, but the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting restrictions on in-person gatherings have thrust online video delivery into the spotlight.

When choosing technical solutions for live streaming, a lot of attention is focused on the streaming encoder and delivery platform such as a CDN or social media channel – the last steps in the chain before the content reaches viewers. The cameras at the start of the chain are sometimes almost taken for granted but make a huge difference to both the quality of the results and operational considerations. Lower-end options ranging from smartphones and DSLRs to PTZ cameras and camcorders may seem attractive for their low cost, but broadcast-class cameras can significantly improve the look of your streams – as well as IMAG when congregants return to the sanctuary – and are more affordable than you might think.

Marshall Adds New NETGEAR Pro AV Network Switches to Product Lineup

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Marshall Electronics has partnered with NETGEAR, the leading provider of networking products in the professional audio/video market, to offer three of the company’s M4250 network switches for Pro AV applications. The M4250’s PoE+/PoE++ capabilities are the ideal fit for Marshall’s IP cameras and controllers, providing an easy to set up IP camera/controller/switch solution for its customers. The three NETGEAR models that are part of the collaboration currently include the M4250-10G2XF-PoE+, M4250-10G2XF-PoE++ and M4250-26G4F-PoE++, with the intention to expand the partnership by adding additional SKUs in the future.

“Anytime Marshall has a chance to align itself with a company that manufactures game-changing products, like NETGEAR, is a big win,” says Tod Musgrave, Director of Cameras, Marshall Electronics. “We look forward to providing our customers with NETGEAR’s switches alongside our IP cameras and controllers, with verification and endorsement by NETGEAR. This collaborative partnership guarantees compatibility, giving installers the assurance they need for a successful setup. Marshall customers will also gain access to NETGEAR’s Pro AV Design Engineering team and a lifetime warranty on NETGEAR products. In addition, Marshall can now offer ultra-competitive pricing to integrators and local dealers on Pro AV models required for IP network projects.”

MAXHUB Debuts the UC M30 4K 180-Degree Panoramic Camera

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MAXHUB, a premier provider of collaborative communication and interactive class delivery solutions, is pleased to introduce the all-new UC M30 4K 180-Degree Panoramic Camera. With a rich feature set that includes a panoramic 180-degree field of view, auto tracking to following the currently speaking meeting participant, plus six video layouts to suit every meeting type from small groups to full-room presentations, the new UC M30 optimizes the meeting environment in order to achieve the most productive teleconferencing sessions.

With its 180-degree panoramic field of view, the new UC M30 enables meeting participants to maximize the visual aspects of a remote meeting session by providing full-picture immersive technology that captures every participant from far-to-the-left to all-the-way-right. Equally noteworthy, the UC M30 utilizes three 12MP cameras—each with 4K UHD resolution. Simply put, the UC M30 delivers vividly superior video conferencing functionality, thanks to MAXHUB’s advanced optics and breakthrough technology.

Marshall Tackles Ultra-Fast Motion, Low Latency Capture With Launch of POV Global Shutter Cameras With Genlock

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Marshall Electronics launches its CV568 and CV368 Global Shutter Cameras with Genlock, ideal for sportscast, racing, eSports, remote production, or any application that requires high speed or low light capture. These two new camera models will be available for purchase later this month, beginning June 30, 2021.

The CV568 and CV368 POV camera models offer an impressive 1/1.8” Global Shutter 3.2MP sensor and 25 percent larger pixel size, for ultra-fast, low latency capture even in low light environments. The CV568 Miniature HD Camera is built into the same durable miniature sized body as other Marshall CV503/CV506 cameras, and have rear panel protection, interchangeable M12 lenses, secure locking connections and remote adjust/match features. The CV368 Compact HD Camera follows the same body design as the CV344/CV346 cameras with slightly larger CS mount lens type and a wide variety of variable and fixed lens options available. The similarity stops there as the CV568/CV368 models pack a much larger, more powerful Global Shutter sensor with Genlock (signal-sync), producing crystal clear images at affordable price points.

MAXHUB® Introduces the UC P10 HD 1080p PTZ Camera With 12x Optical Zoom

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MAXHUB, a premier provider of collaborative communication and interactive class delivery solutions, is pleased to introduce the UC P10 HD 1080p PTZ (Point – Tilt – Zoom) Camera With 12x Optical Zoom. Designed to provide effortless access for mid-to-large video conferencing, the UC P10 combines exceptional 1080p image quality with premium 12x optical zoom—ensuring a high level of engagement for online meetings. This innovative wide-angle camera with PTZ control provides crystal clear collaboration and the unit’s HD 1080p images bring depth to remote interactions—all while intelligent color optimization ensures a high level of detail.

Image clarity is crucial to any camera system and the MAXHUB UC P10 delivers an entirely new level of performance for mid-to-large meeting spaces. The UC P10 delivers superior HD 1080p clarity at any distance in any environment, thanks to its Panasonic CMOS image sensor. The camera’s WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), combined with MAXHUB’s pioneering 2D and 3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction), ensures the UC P10 delivers crisp and clear image quality, even in the most challenging situations.


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JVC Professional Video, a division of JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation, announces the latest firmware upgrades for its renowned GY-HC900 and GY-HC500 CONNECTED CAM™ camcorders. With the built-in SRT protocol, JVC added Network Adaptive Encoding, reduced latency and the SRT decoder for return video over the internet. These new features enhance video-over IP functionality and position JVC’s CONNECTED CAM as a true leader in REMI applications. A unique portrait mode cropping for streaming to social networks is also now possible with the GY-HC500 Series, a feature that was incorporated based on many users’ requests.

“The CONNECTED CAM system provides a truly plug-and-play streaming ecosystem that does not require expensive backpacks,” says Joe D’Amico, vice president, JVC Professional Video. “Building off the incorporated SRT open-source technology, we are able to continually provide firmware updates, ensuring that JVC cameras are a futureproof solution for an ever-evolving media landscape. With the latest upgrades to the GY-HC900 and GY-HC500 series cameras, our customers are afforded a wide array of functions to enhance their workflows.”

Marshall Further Expands IP Workflow Capabilities with Additional Camera Choices

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Marshall Electronics continues to develop new cameras designed to improve IP workflows. Marshall released two levels of 4K PTZ cameras within the last year with 30x optical zoom and professional grade sensors: one with up to 4K30 (CV630) resolution and one with up to 4K60 (CV730) resolution. Marshall also recently offered two levels of fixed position cameras with 30x optical zoom and professional grade sensors: one with up to HD60 (CV355-30X) resolution and one with up to UHD60 (CV420-30X).

In looking forward to 2021, Marshall is scheduled to launch a High-Bandwidth NDI® PTZ camera (CV730-BHN) late Q3 with up to 4K60 resolution and 30x optical zoom packed with High-Bandwidth NDI®, NDI®|HX and simultaneous 12GSDI/HDMI2.0 outputs. Also planned for later this year, Marshall has its CV620-BI with 20x optical zoom 3GSDI, HDMI and IP/HEVC/SRT, and the CV620-BN with 20x optical zoom 3GSDI, HDMI and NDI®|HX on its product roadmap.