Cameras and IMAG

Image Magni­fication (IMAG) is probably something most of you are familiar with. IMAG is often used to showcase the pastor while he’s delivering the message so that everyone in attendance can easily see him or her. IMAG is also a major component of both pre-recorded...

Writing a Choral

  By Collin Makariak Of all instruments available to us composers, there is perhaps none more personal and varied than the voice. As it is the only true means we have to convey text through music, writing for voice is especially impactful for someone looking to...

A Heart for Worship

by Brandon Keane In the era of contemporary worship culture, we tend to focus on pedalboards, high-tech stages, and highlight reels instead of what really matters – our hearts. Often as worship leaders, our congregations do not see all the effort that goes into...

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