Experiential and Emotionally Connective Music

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Music evokes emotion, and lighting can enhance or heighten the visceral response to music. This is one area where color theory can help. Color can be used to symbolize a “mood” or an emotion by washing the platform with saturated color or color combinations. Red is often associated with high energy (like a red sports car), excitement, or love. Green can be a calming color (think of a forest) or it can represent money or good health. Blue is an appealing color, and it probably has the widest spectrum, although the camera sometimes has difficulty reproducing subtle shades of blue. Yellow is the happiest and brightest color, and violet can evoke strong emotions. With a little research and experimentation, you can learn how certain colors affect the feel of a space.

As a starting point to experiment with color combinations, the color wheel provides a good tool to explore the seven contrasts. Starting at any point on the color wheel, combining it with the color on the opposite side of the wheel creates a contrast of complements. For example, medium blue and bright yellow create a strong contrast with a lot of tension, yet, for most people, it is a very pleasing look. Combining colors closer to each other on the color wheel can create less contrast and combining adjacent colors on the color wheel (analogous colors) creates simple color harmony. Combining three colors equidistant from each other on the color wheel creates a color triad and it can be visually pleasing and balanced. Several other color combinations can be discovered by taking a deeper dive into the seven contrasts.

U.K. based A.C. Worldwide Group is pleased to announce some new appointments as part of its successful strategy for continual growth.

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Phill Capstick who has been with the business for 37 years will step up to the role of CEO in UK based A.C. Entertainment Technologies and following 25 years of success Jonathan Walters becomes the Company’s Managing Director.

In other UK news, Andy Dodd will be retiring from his executive role on the Board of Flashlight Ltd, but the Company is delighted to announce he has accepted a Non-Executive Directorship so will still be helping the Flashlight team and their loyal Customer’s.

MSolutions Partners with IPMX Community for HDBaseT-to-IP Bridging

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MSolutions, a leading supplier of AV test devices and collaboration solutions, has partnered with the IPMX community to add further utility when bridging HDBaseT rooms through IPMX AV-over-IP networks. Leveraging the same network-level device management structure, MSolutions’s new 4×1 HDBaseT switch works in concert with HDBaseT to IPMX gateway products to bring cameras, projectors and other HDBaseT equipment onto AV over IP networks.

Expanding on SMPTE ST 2110 standards and developed by the same organizations including the Video Services Forum (VSF), the Advanced Media Workflow Association, Inc. (AMWA), and the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS), IPMX is an emerging set of standards and open specifications for AV over IP. IPMX specifically addresses the ProAV industry’s need for open standards and interoperability to achieve successful IP transitions, with provisions for control, copy protection, connection management and security. Within this mix is the need to register and connect devices as they are added to IPMX networks. This process relies on open NMOS specifications to enable device discovery and registration (AMWA IS-04) and connection management (AMWA IS-05) when bringing products into the IP domain.

EAW® Spotlights New AV Solutions at ISE 2023

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Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW®) will be taking the floor at the 2023 ISE Show (Booth 7K140) and showcasing some of its latest audio solutions. Included among these offerings are the brand’s new KF210 2-Way 2 X 10” Line Array and AC6 2-Way Full Range ADAPTive Column Loudspeaker. With both AC6 and KF210 providing the esteemed EAW sound quality and durability, AV professionals are sure to find a reliable solution that is built to last through any venue or application. John Dodson ProCon AV, EAW’s newest manufacturers’ representative for the Middle East and Africa territories, will also be onsite throughout the show.

Offering a max SPL of 141dB, three-point rigging and built-in weather protection, the KF210 is a powerhouse in a small, durable package, designed to support a wide range of applications for the long-haul. Despite its small form, there is no sacrificing output for size with the KF210. This newest solution is physically and acoustically sized to support the most events while requiring the fewest resources to deploy. Weighing in at only 60lbs, this line array solution is an ideal option for small crews operating out of medium to large outdoor festivals, corporate events, houses of worship, performing arts centers or theaters. Featuring dual, symmetrically placed 10-inch woofers, 90 degrees of horizontal bandwidth and a 3in voice coil compression driver mounted to EAW’s patented Isophasic Waveguide, the KF210 can master challenging acoustic spaces with accurate pattern control.

DPA Microphones Provides Stunning Audio for Musical Events Across the U.S.

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Despite the varied cultural differences across the U.S., one constant theme you can find throughout the country is a love for music. Whether it’s used as a tool to celebrate, educate or invigorate audiences, live music has long brought people together and quality audio is always the key to success in these performances. Audio engineers around the globe have consistently turned to DPA Microphones to provide that level of sound reliability and clarity that impresses professionals and enraptures audiences. Such was the case for recent U.S. events including the Catalina JazzTrax Festival, Belmont University’s Oratorio Chorus and Orchestra, Danny Elfman at the Hollywood Bowl and the upcoming Los Angeles Ballet’s performance of the “Nutcracker” at the Dolby Theater.

Vectorworks, Inc. Announces New Cloud and Mobile Enhancements Built on Apple Technology

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Global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks, Inc. has released key updates to the Vectorworks 2023 product line focused on providing users with a more efficient and reliable experience on Vectorworks Cloud Services and the Vectorworks Nomad mobile app utilizing Apple’s innovative technology.

“We are using the power of the Cloud to bring the latest Apple technologies to our users and speed up and streamline their reality capture workflows,” said Iskra Nikolova, Vectorworks quality assurance manager for Cloud and mobile.

San Diego State University’s New Snapdragon Stadium Scores With EAW® Audio

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San Diego State University recently completed its brand new $310 million, 35,000-seat college football venue, Snapdragon Stadium, and crystal-clear sound was of the utmost importance throughout the project. To achieve a new level of stadium design, complete with the latest technology, audio and video design firm WJHW called on Clair Global Integration to install a wide range of future-proofed products. Most notably, Snapdragon Stadium now features over 100 AC6 ADAPTive Column Loudspeakers from Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW®).

“EAW supported the design team during the various phases of the project including early demonstrations, proof of concept and modeling for the AC6 loudspeakers, and exporting data for consultants’ integration into the full system design,” says Mark Graham, Associate Principal, WJHW. “The brand also remained involved throughout the construction process with onsite pretesting, as well as being an integral member of the commissioning and testing team during tuning and calibration of the installed system.”

Yasser Tejeda Creates Electrifying Sounds With Maestro

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Growing up inspired by the rock icons of MTV and watching Slash shred, Dominican-born Yasser Tejeda knew he was destined for a career in the music industry. Now a successful musician, guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer, Tejeda started as a self-taught artist driven solely by his passion for music. By the time he graduated from both the Conservatorio Nacional de Música (National Conservatory of Music) in the Dominican Republic and Berklee College of Music in Boston, Tejeda had played almost every style of music, from classical and jazz to the blues and funk, and even hardcore and Afro-Dominican fusion. He now pulls from those experiences for his work with collective/band, Freelance, as well as his own projects for his self-titled band, Yasser Tejeda.

With Freelance’s second album in the works, Tejeda was able to put Maestro ElectronicsRanger Overdrive and Comet Chorus to the test during recording sessions at Kaleidoscope Sound in New Jersey. “I used the Ranger Overdrive to record the guitar leads for our upcoming album,” he says. “It’s great for leads, as it provides power without being so overwhelming or heavy that it’s super loud. It’s also very warm and has such a clean and crisp tone while still allowing you to feel the power of the Overdrive. There’s a lot of variety in the sounds that you can get with the Overdrive as well when you fully explore it.”

L-Acoustics Obtains Prison Sentences for Loudspeaker Counterfeiters

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In partnership with Chinese authorities, L-Acoustics was recently involved with tracking down five counterfeiters who were subsequently found guilty and sentenced to jail for producing and selling counterfeit L‑Acoustics loudspeakers in China. The suspects were arrested, and a batch of counterfeit signs, molds, and other items was seized in Shiji Town, Guangzhou. A public hearing was held in The People’s Court of Panyu District where the suspects presented their defense against the filed physical and documentary evidence, expert opinions, witness testimonies, and the victim’s statements.

The court found the suspects guilty of counterfeiting a registered trademark and were initially sentenced to at least one year in prison, fined, and their activity suspended for varying years. Since probation for similar activities had been revoked in previous cases, the counterfeiters ended up with prison sentences of up to three years.

Allen & Heath at Heart of Newly Upgraded One Hope Church

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One Hope Church in Gentilly, New Orleans started out as a mobile church – setting up temporary services in community centers and schools every weekend using a mix of purchased and donated equipment. During the lockdowns of the COVID pandemic, One Hope converted the Langston Hughes Elementary school gymnasium they were using into a video studio and employed Dante to multitrack and livestream their services to their remote congregation. “From then on, Dante became their backbone,” noted Chuck Breaux, integrator with Assurance AV Solutions. The church’s AV team knew that Dante would be a crucial component of their system once they finally found a permanent home.

Eventually, One Hope located a former church building a few blocks away that had been abandoned following Hurricane Katrina, and they started planning out their audio and video systems. “We began putting together a wish list of what their needs were,” recalled Breaux. The new property comprises several buildings, one being a former cafetorium that would become an overflow room with their existing equipment. For the main worship facility, however, the church wanted to invest in something new that met all their requirements. “They wanted a personal monitoring option for the band, they wanted a matrix mixer to control audio distribution throughout the buildings, and just something that would offer tremendous overall flexibility.”