Introducing Solid State Logic’s ‘Meet the Producer’ – A Live Q&A Series with Multi-Award Winning Producers and Engineers

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from Solid State Logic

SSL continues its ‘Meet the Producer’ series with JC Losada on Tuesday, June 2nd at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time (ET). Losada — aka Mr. Sonic — is a multiple GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY-award winning composer, producer and sound engineer. He will be joining SSL to discuss the music industry, music education as well as the range of SSL consoles he’s worked on over the years. Those attending will gain insight on Losada’s production techniques as a long time SSL user — both ‘in the box’ as well as on his AWS 948 console equipped studio.

Join SSL online this Tuesday and gain insight into the music industry, production workflow and everything in between. Submit your questions in advance via their social channels by accessing the registration link, below or benefit from live Q&A in the comments section as the interview premieres. Every two weeks, SSL will be unveiling additional ‘Meet the Producer’ episodes, featuring GRAMMY winners and world class artists and producers.

Flexible Audio On The Go

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From making announcements and playing pre-game music at sports events, to impromptu pop-up musical performances, the APX12 GO BT is a versatile tool that can be used in countless ways for a wide variety of different applications. Parade floats, auctions, wedding toasts, car shows, beach parties, camping trips, backyard BBQs the list is endless. Any situation where music needs playing or a voice needs amplifying, but no power outlet is available, this keenly priced and conveniently portable system delivers.

With a sleek molded plastic design and matte black finish, the speaker enclosure is fitted with a tough protective metal grille on its front. It features a 12” woofer with a 1.5” voice coil paired with a 1” high frequency driver. An internal Class D module provides 65 Watts RMS of amplification for a peak power output of 200 Watts. The system has a frequency response of 40Hz-18KHz and a sensitivity of 93 +/- 2 dB.

Waves Now Shipping the New and Enhanced Free StudioRack Plugin Chainer, with New Macros, Parallel Processing Racks, Multiband Racks and More

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Waves Audio, the world’s leading developer of professional audio signal processing technologies and leading maker of audio plugins for mixing, music production, mastering, sound design, broadcast, post-production and live sound, is releasing the new, dramatically enhanced version of the StudioRack plugin chainer – now with added macros, parallel processing racks, multiband racks, and more new features. The new StudioRack is now available for free.

The new Waves StudioRack is a completely re-imagined version of Waves’ plugin chainer, placing an entirely new level of control in the hands of producers and mixers. As before, you can use StudioRack to create entire plugin chains – up to eight plugins per StudioRack chain, each chain taking up just one DAW insert. Your chains can be saved for instant recall, and loaded up in any DAW, making it super-easy to move your mixes between different DAWs.

Microphone Capsule Selection for Wireless Systems

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Join the Shure Artist Relations and Market Development teams for the final installment of their Workflow Webinar series as they discuss wireless microphone capsule selection. As you know, microphone selection is a combination of artist and engineer preference as well as physics and utility. Shure will discuss the pros and cons of different capsule types as well as approaches to selecting capsules for some of the largest tours. The panel will include Jason Spence (Solotech monitor engineer for major awards shows), Brett “Scoop” Blanden (Lady Antebellum FOH), Tim Hibbert (Cardi B, Common FOH and monitor engineer) and Adam Robinson (Josh Groban, Andy Grammer, Babyface FOH and monitor engineer).

May 29th 12pm CDT – Register here

AES Virtual Vienna Convention Workshop Schedule Announced

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The schedule of events for the upcoming AES Virtual Vienna Convention is now available, outlining the 40-plus scheduled Workshop presentations taking place June 2 – 5 as part of the AES’s first-ever exclusively online, international event. AES Virtual Vienna offers an unprecedented chance for attendees to experience what AES Conventions have to offer from anywhere with an internet connection. Industry experts, educators, peers and pros from around the world will present on topics including Acoustics and Psychoacoustics, Archiving and Restoration, Audio for Cinema, Audio Education, Game Audio, AVAR, Spatial Audio, Product Development, Recording and Production, Sound Reinforcement, and more. Complete schedule and online registration are available at with low registration fees – as low as $50 USD for AES members – sweetening the opportunity.

AES Virtual Vienna will offer a wide variety of scheduled streaming and on-demand paper, poster and engineering brief presentations, real-time Q&A, and more. The four days of scheduled content begin with the Workshop “Active Sensing and Slow Listening” presented by Thomas Lund and continue on with presentations throughout the day including “Transform Processing Of Audio: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly!” with Jamie Angus – who will also be presenting one of the convention’s keynotes lectures on day four – along with a presentation on “Getting a Foot in the Door” to your audio career, a Student Delegate Assembly meeting, and the convention’s Heyser Presentation, presented by Francis Rumsey.

Martin Audio signs up for InfoComm Virtual Show

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Martin Audio is embracing the new digital first world during these challenging times by following up on its own virtual trade show with now participating in the InfoComm Connected 2020 Virtual Experience taking place in June.

Following the success of Martin Audio’s own virtual trade show, which took place on Wednesday May 20th and attracted over 500 registrants, Martin Audio decided to take part in InfoComm’s own event taking place June 16th-18th, a replacement for the original physical show.

Atlanta’s Mount Paran Church Becomes First House of Worship to Install L-ISA Hyperreal Sound Technology

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For more than half a century, Atlanta’s Mount Paran Church has been celebrated by the evangelical world as a beacon of effective ministry and engaged, growing membership, evidenced by its 13,000-plus-member congregation. In fact, it was this very community of faith that pioneered the “one church in two locations” concept in the late ’80s that eventually laid the groundwork for multiple satellite campuses, now a hallmark of many of today’s houses of worship. So it should come as no surprise that Mount Paran is forward-thinking when it comes to the technology it uses to communicate its message, a point that was clearly underscored by its recent distinction as the world’s first house of worship to install a sanctuary loudspeaker system built upon L-ISA Hyperreal Sound technology.

“Good sound is one of the most essential elements in today’s churches, and achieving consistent, engaging audio throughout an entire worship space is mission-critical so that the congregation has a shared community experience,” says Tim Corder, Strategic Accounts Director – House of Worship for Diversified, the technology solutions provider that delivered the project. “The previous loudspeaker system in Mount Paran’s main auditorium had been in place for many years, and as it aged, it began to have component failures that created erratic coverage—sonically ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ spots throughout the room—which was hampering the worship experience for many of their congregants.”

d&b xC-Series Stands for Clarity at St. Eugene’s Cathedral

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St. Eugene’s Cathedral, the mother church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Derry, opened in 1873 – and throughout the years since, generations of congregations have struggled with the acoustics inside the soaring stone interior. Now, however, following an extensive architectural refurbishment and technical systems upgrade, congregations can hear the services loud and clear and with greater consistency than ever before.

St. Eugene’s previous sound reinforcement system had never performed satisfactorily, as it is difficult to tame the reflections and reverberations in this type of space. Looking for a better solution, the church’s management turned to acoustical consultant Michael Kielty of Belfast-based MK Audio. Kielty recommended a distributed system, and contacted Absolute Technologies for a specific solution recommendation that would meet the church’s requirements.