Renkus-Heinz ICLive X Series Helps Ivory Coast Church Deliver Optimal Audio to Thousands Every Day

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St. Cecilia Catholic Parish, located in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, has seen its congregation grow significantly over the past 25 years. To accommodate the vibrant congregation, the parish began increasing the number of services and programs being offered. It also expanded a large outdoor, overflow seating area. But as they made changes, it quickly became clear their existing sound system wouldn’t deliver the quality, power, or control necessary to deliver the message.

The church’s main sanctuary is a large, rectangle area with additional left- and right-wing seating spaces on each side. All totaled, the indoor space seats about 1,000 – but that’s only a part of the congregation that flocks to the church. The large outdoor area accommodates even more church members than the indoor space. At least 1,000 additional parishioners bring their own portable seating and tents to enjoy the services outdoors.

Tulsa Church Uses Renkus-Heinz to Bring Immersive Sound to Worshipers Both In-Person and At Home

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Faith United Methodist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma is one of many churches that has worked to ensure its services remain accessible to all during the 2020 global pandemic. When churches had to shut their doors, the Faith United Methodist team shifted to video streaming. When social distancing practices became more clearly defined, they developed a hybrid model – allowing a few in-person worshipers to join them at the church while they continued the stream.

That said, there was a unique challenge with that hybrid return: with the on-site sound system running, the audio on the stream became increasingly unintelligible.

EAW ADAPTive System Provides Unrivaled Sound Coverage at the Brooklyn Tabernacle

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When The Brooklyn Tabernacle, a multicultural, non-denominational megachurch, moved into its current facility in the heart of downtown Brooklyn 21 years ago, its three cluster PA system served the church well. As the years have passed, church leaders realized the need to upgrade to more current technology to continue to serve the needs of the church. The Tabernacle found the solution it was looking for with EAW’s ADAPTive System featuring the Anna™ Loudspeaker and Otto™ Subwoofer.

Today, The Brooklyn Tabernacle has grown from a handful of people to a congregation of about ten thousand who attend weekly services. The Brooklyn Tabernacle is also home to the world renowned 270-voice choir, which has recorded three videos, three DVDs and numerous albums, winning five Dove Awards and six GRAMMY Awards.

Riedel’s Artist and Bolero Power Comprehensive Comms Upgrade for Daystar Television Network

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Daystar Television Network, an award-winning 24-hour faith-based network with over 5 billion viewers worldwide, has completed a massive upgrade of its communications capabilities using Riedel Communications’ Artist digital matrix intercom and Bolero wireless intercom. The new Artist/Bolero intercom solution enables reliable and crystal-clear communications for Daystar crew members throughout the network’s studio complex in Dallas.

Omega Broadcast, a full-service broadcast and cinema equipment provider based in Austin, Texas, provided the Riedel solutions and installation services. The Daystar installation consists of an Artist-128 mainframe equipped to support AES67, VoIP, Dante, and analog intercom signals; 28 SmartPanel App-driven user interfaces; and 10 Bolero antennas to support 20 intercom beltpacks. A separate Bolero antenna in stand-alone mode will support remote ENG shoots.


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Los Pentecostales de Newport News is a Pentecostal church serving the Hispanic community in Newport News, Virginia. With seemingly-boundless energy, Pastor Mario Zunzunegui delivers impassioned services and encourages strong community bonds. The band that supports him is talented and sounds its best at high volume and with abundant bass. Los Pentecostales had a high-performance sound reinforcement system that most churches – and indeed many clubs – would find more than adequate. But when local production and integration firm Sound Ideas provided a Danley rig for an outdoor Covid-19 service, Pastor Mario and the rest of the congregation saw new possibilities for clarity and impact. After a successful indoor demo, the church now has its own high-impact Danley system composed of SM80F full range loudspeakers FLX12 monitors, and a DNA 20k4 Pro amplifier.

Los Pentecostales de Newport started out years ago with an MI-grade sound reinforcement system and upgraded significantly three years ago with the help of Sound Ideas (design and installation) and Winter Sound (the actual sale of the equipment). Sound Ideas owner Paul Popadak continued his involvement with the church maintaining the new system. Thus, when Pastor Mario heard that Popadak was helping area churches deliver outdoor services during Virginia’s Covid-19 lockdown, he asked him to help at Los Pentecostales.

O-Line Helps Bring Relocated St. Paul’s Lutheran Church to Life

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Situated in the Melbourne’s east, the community at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church was being crowded out by a suburb fast-tracked for urban growth.

Needing to relocate to a quieter location with room to expand, they became aware that a short distance down the road the St. James Uniting Church, with its striking mid-century early modern architecture, was looking to sell.

It looked a perfect fit. A deal was done which duly led to a full-blown renovation of the church, including a sensitive, high quality audio visual fitout in the heritage-listed building. This included a Martin Audio O-Line as the sound reinforcement system.

Royer Labs Helps 12Stone Church Deliver Engaging Services

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12Stone Church (“12Stone”) is a multi-site church with eight locations spread across the counties of Gwinnett, Hall, and Barrow, GA. 12Stone was founded by Senior Pastor Kevin Myers and has been serving the community for the past 33 years. In addition to their onsite ministry, 12Stone reaches over 20,000 people through their digital ministry. The church has been using a variety of Royer microphones for over 10 years—first for studio and live event production miking and, most recently, for streaming services production to better reach their congregation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Russell Allen, Worship Development Pastor/Music Director and Audio Director Dennis Frazier oversee the various aspects of the church’s audio production. They’ve acquired an impressive arsenal of Royer microphones, including R-121s, R-10s, R-122s, and an SF-24 Stereo Ribbon microphone. According to Allen, “We’ve had these mics for a good 10 years or so, but we really zoned into the R-121s and R-10s on the guitar cabs as recently as 4 years ago. Services are very contemporary in nature. We have 8 campuses with a full 8-10 person live band/vocal team. There are typically 3-5 front line vocalists and a 5-person backline (drums, bass, keys, and two guitars). We typically program a 3 song set list (same songs at each campus) per weekend.”

Mosaic Church in Nashville Celebrates 50 Years with RCF TT [Theatre & Touring] System

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With over 50 years of ministry and community service, Tabernacle Church, located just outside Nashville, in Clarksville Tennessee, decided in 2017 that to keep up with their tremendous growth, they would undergo a monumental change with a grand new construction project, to reemerge as Mosaic Church—adding 65,000 square feet to their campus, including a 1,500 seat performance space.

When audio and integration firm, Holly Media was asked to oversee the expansion of the performance space, owner Fred Holly, with over 30 years of pro audio experience, led the design effort. “With new dynamics and changing needs, the scope of the ministry has changed—it’s become a new work,” said Holly. “Tabernacle seemed old fashioned. The name didn’t match the demographic of our church because it’s very diverse—and it’s thriving. The new Mosaic Church wanted to reflect that.”

The original structure was a smaller sanctuary [about 200 seats] and was insufficient space for many years. The church adapted for larger congregations by expanding Sunday services to four per day. Recently through COVID, the church was mobile, moving its worship service to a local high school, setting up and tearing down in the parking lot each week.

Tauranga Elim Church Equips New Facility with Stunning Sound Using Premium Audio System from HARMAN Professional Solutions

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To enhance its new facility with pristine sound for worship services and other events, Tauranga Elim Church selected a state-of-the-art HARMAN Professional audio solution that includes JBL Professional loudspeakers and Crown amplification.

Among Elim Church’s several locations throughout New Zealand and other countries, Tauranga Elim recently moved to a new facility. A move that was nearly two years in the making, the new location is much larger than the previous building and includes an auditorium that is able to accommodate 550 people. Wanting to offer guests and attendees an engaging experience with great acoustics to support the live modern contemporary music, along with crystal-clear speech intelligibility, Tauranga Elim required a premium sound system that delivers consistent tones at all volume levels with smooth, even coverage across the entire facility.


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After holding services in makeshift spaces for literally decades, the parishioners of Ascension of Our Lord Catholic Church were elated to finally have a 700-capacity church of their own in La Place, Louisiana. The year was 2001, but there were issues almost immediately. “The original sound reinforcement design was terrible, and they had it replaced within two months by a different contractor,” explained Matt Dupuy, installation technician with Assurance AV Solutions. Dupuy, who also was a member of the church member as a child, continued, “The new system was better, but not at all great. They limped along with it for nearly two decades. There were always complaints, but it remained a backburner issue.” Dupuy is a member of the Assurance AV Solutions team that recently replaced the problematic system with Danley Sound Labs SBH10 column-form, point-source loudspeakers, finally giving the church the sound reinforcement system it had always dreamed of.

“The church was frustrated,” said Chuck Breaux. “They had been dealing with complaints from the start, but now the system itself was getting old. Ascension of Our Lord’s sanctuary is pretty standard for a Catholic Church – lots of hard surfaces and a high ceiling and, thus, lots of reverberation. The church’s sound tech is knowledgeable and, between him and Dupuy, they had done the very best they could with the old system. We designed a Danley point-source system using Danley Direct modeling software and presented it to the church with a quote.”