VuWall Unveils Highly Secure PoE Touch Panel for Command and Control Room Environments

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VuWall, a technology leader in video wall control systems and unified visualization solutions, proudly unveils its latest innovation — the highly secure PoE ControlVuTM touch panel. Engineered to meet the rigorous demands of command and control room environments, this cutting-edge touch panel sets a new standard for performance, security, and flexibility.

“Our new ControlVu touch panel brings a host of advancements to the table,” said Mark Schmidt, Chief Technology Officer at VuWall. “We have redesigned our touch panel to deliver higher resolution, improved tactile touch, and most importantly, a highly secure design, where users can trust the integrity of their control room operations.”

ControlVu empowers operators with the freedom to manage visual scenarios on video walls and displays in a control room, directly from a PoE tablet. The new 10” ControlVu touch panel, part number ControlVu-10-3, delivers the highest level of security with a secure Linux operating system. It has an Ethernet PoE port and no other wireless options, such as WiFi or Bluetooth, and no camera, all features that are typically not allowed in control room environments. It is highly responsive and delivers 1920×1200 resolution. ControlVu gives operators the freedom to control the system directly from the simple touch of a button.

As part of VuWall’s ecosystem, ControlVu is managed by the TRx centralized video wall management software platform. TRx’s integrated Control Panel Designer module allows users to easily create their own touch panel interfaces, where every button on every panel can be customized to the operators’ needs. Customization options on the panel are endless and can include any number of buttons, colors, and functions. Each button can be programmed to launch a different layout, manipulate sources and displays, control external devices, or run any number of the customizable scripts. All of these features are available for users to customize without having to write a single line of code, creating a flexible user experience for their operators.

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