The Maxell WU5603 3LCD WUXGA Laser Projector

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by Camron Ware

I’ve been doing projection mapping for churches and events for almost 15 years now, and when a new projector comes out from one of my favorite manufacturers, I can’t wait to give it a testdrive.

We use this projector in our rental inventory when we need a smaller, lightweight projector to hang on a theatrical set piece for projection mapping, but still need all the features of a higher end model.

The Maxell WU5603 is a great work-horse projector that would serve many churches for their main worship space projectors, portable churches, churches who can’t access their projectors easily, and travelling ministries that need to carry a projector from venue to venue…..

Artiste Picasso from Elation Professional

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by: Bobby Taylor

Olive Baptist Church has been serving the Pensacola, FL area for 126 years, growing from an original group of 12 people to a thriving worship community with an average attendance of over 3,300. With a goal of leading people to encounter the greatness and presence of the Creator, the worship experience at Olive Baptist is designed to leave people wanting more and moving them into a deeper relationship with God.

Every aspect of the technology used at Olive Baptist plays an important role in building the overall experience, and a recent LED lighting rig upgrade was meticulously planned to augment the majesty of the message. While the entire lighting rig was designed to augment every aspect of worship, the addition of four Artiste Picasso’s from Elation Lighting has been a revelation for our church.

Review Excerpt: TF Rack From Yamaha

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Centro Christiano Restauracion Church is a dynamic, multi-cultural and multi-generational church, committed to impacting the city of Orlando, FL and the nations. We live motivated by the passion that each person be restored and achieve their purpose in God.

Combining traditional and contemporary music with a lot of Latina flair and rhythm, our vision is to reach the large Latin community of east Orlando. We currently run two main services and can sit around 900 people in our main sanctuary. We have a wonderful worship team full of people from all different backgrounds, and rely heavily on using multitracks, which offers us the opportunity to add trumpets, loops, different orchestration, as well as add in different alternatives for our gear, to really make the music work well within the parameters of worship and for our community.