By Benjy Satorius

In the fast-paced world of production, clear and reliable communication is paramount. Whether it’s a live event, a theatrical performance, or a religious service, seamless coordination among team members ensures a smooth execution. Mission Bible Church’s production team recently experienced a game-changer in their production workflow with the integration of the Riedel Bolero Wireless Intercom system – and the results were nothing short of impressive.

The system’s audio quality proved exceptional even in the midst of loud environments, maintaining crystal-clear communication channels throughout our services. During our Easter services we had seven belt packs running off a single antenna.


One of the standout features of the Bolero system was its ease of installation. Placing the antenna at the central point of our building, we were able to minimize potential signal disruptions and ensure consistent coverage. While we encountered occasional audio dropouts, the overall performance remained solid, providing uninterrupted communication during critical moments. The antenna was mounted on a mic stand threaded socket 5/8-inch mount directly on the wall.

At Mission we used the Bolero Standalone Link setup which provided plug & play simplicity ideal for smaller installations, portable deployments, or cases where IP networks are not required. Up to 100 antennas and 100 belt packs can be quickly and easily set up and configured via a web browser, without the need for an Artist Intercom matrix since audio mixing and all control functions are handled by the antennas.

Similarly, Bolero Standalone 2110 (AES67) lets users establish IP- based Bolero networks without the need for an Artist matrix. The antennas are distributed over a SMPTE 2110-30 (AES67) IP network and connected via AES67 PoE switches. Up to 100 antennas and 100 belt packs can be accommodated per Bolero Net and configured via a web browser

Customization is key in any production setup, and the Bolero system delivered on this front with its IP configuration capabilities. From channel assignments to headset preferences, the system allowed for full customization, empowering our production team to tailor our communication setup to our specific needs.

Flexibility is a hallmark of the Bolero system, offering multiple power options including Power over Ethernet (PoE) or 4-pin XLR. The impressive 17-hour battery life on the belt packs ensured that dead batteries were never a concern during crucial moments of our Easter services.

Belt Packs

With the six-button belt packs featuring easy-to-read LCD screens, communication became more streamlined for our production team. Operators could effortlessly switch between channels, enabling precise communication when and where it was needed most. The belt packs also boasted a robust belt clip, providing a secure attachment to the operator’s attire, ensuring they stayed in place even during the most dynamic movements.

The IP-65 environmental sealing of the belt packs adds to the added durability of the packs. Some of our team members really loved the little touch of being able to change the belt pack covers to fit their style.

The Bolero system is available in both DECT and the new 2.4 GHz versions. A high-clarity voice codec provides both higher speech intelligibility and more efficient use of RF spectrum, supporting twice the number of belt packs per antenna for the same radio bandwidth as other systems

In an industry first, the Bolero system introduces a groundbreaking feature: the belt pack can be utilized without a headset, functioning like a walkie-talkie radio. This innovation amalgamates an integrated microphone and speaker, offering versatility in communication options for the production team.

Updating firmware is a breeze with the Bolero system. We found the process to be straightforward and simple. After downloading the update file to a USB drive, we plugged the body packs into the charging bay where it automatically initiated the update process. This seamless process took approximately five minutes, ensuring minimal disruption to our workflow.

The integration of Bluetooth technology further enhanced the functionality of the Bolero system. Whether connecting a Bluetooth headset or a smartphone, users enjoyed newfound flexibility in their communication setup. Smartphone integration allowed for hands-free operation, enabling users to seamlessly receive calls via their belt pack headset or inject phone calls directly into the intercom channels, and even listen to music between services.

Future Proof

Scalability is another advantage of the Bolero system, with each antenna capable of handling up to ten belt packs, accommodating up to 250 belt packs and 100 antennas within a single Bolero net. It would be hard to outgrow this system.

Comfort and performance go hand in hand, and our production team found both in the Bolero system. The headsets provided exceptional comfort, staying securely in place while delivering impeccable sound quality.

Finally, the Bolero antenna’s impressive range of 490 to 820 feet ensured reliable communication, even in challenging environments with various structures and line-of-sight considerations. The operators consistently operated approximately 300+ feet away from all directions from the antenna, spanning multiple floors. This expansive coverage speaks to the Bolero system’s reliability and adaptability, ensuring communication remains robust regardless of the distance or obstacles.

In conclusion, the Riedel Bolero Wireless Intercom system has undoubtedly elevated communication standards for our production team. With its exceptional audio quality, easy set-up, customization options, and robust features, it has become an indispensable tool in our quest for flawless execution during our services.

As technology continues to evolve, the Bolero system stands at the forefront, revolutionizing communication in the production industry.

For our production team, effective communication isn’t just a luxury; it was a necessity. Without it, our ability to execute flawless events and services would be compromised.

With Bolero, we found the tool we needed to excel in operator roles, ensuring that every member of our team was connected and empowered to deliver their best performance.


Benjy Satorius has served as the Technical Director at Mission Bible Church, in Minooka, IL for eight years. He is an enthusiast of bicycling, camping, and shooting sports. He is married with three kids and three dogs, fostering a life of adventure, community service, and cherished family moments


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