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At Technologies for Worship magazine, our commitment to our readers is unwavering. That’s why we never charge manufacturers for editorial coverage.

We believe in sharing the best products and solutions with our audience, regardless of whether it’s been paid for.

Our goal is to provide unbiased and valuable information to help churches and worship centers make informed decisions.

With us, you can trust that our content is editorial as it was meant to be: FREE.


With a focus on sharing your company’s story and the products and/or services you have available for the faith market, INTRODUCING breaks down your information with a worship-specific focus and lets our readers know you want to work with them.

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Out of the Box

Featuring a closer look at new products that might be beneficial to church tech needs, OUT OF THE BOX offers manufacturers an opportunity to showcase a new product they feel will serve our readers.

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Best In Show

Showcasing three different product solutions from the same manufacturer for three different types of worship needs, Best In Show highlights how the same manufacturer has a solution for every potential need.

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What the Spec

By spotlighting the five most important features a house of worship needs to know about a specific product, What the Spec helps cut through the noise of a typical spec sheet before a purchasing decision is made.

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A Closer Look

Expanding on the smaller install stories, A Closer Look takes a deeper dive into a recently completed install, allowing TFWM readers to see what products other houses of worship and their integrators are working with to provide tech solutions.

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Growing With…

Growing With highlights the different ways your company can grow with a house of worship as their ministry tech needs evolve – making your company a trusted partner in their success.

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