A.C. Lighting Inc. Hosts Training During LDI

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A.C. Lighting Inc., distributor of world-class lighting and rigging technologies, is excited to participate in the LDInstitute and LDInnovation Conference. This year, we have three training events to choose from.
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Programming Your ALC Amplified Loudspeaker Controller

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Explore best practices for programming your ALC Amplified Loudspeaker Controller and learn how to customize your audio setup to meet your specific needs and to achieve maximum performance and efficiency. Join Rich Bellando, Applications Engineer, Loudspeaker Solutions Group, for this “no powerpoint” session, reviewing the programming basics of an ALC featuring the latest release of ArmoníaPlus system management software and the Biamp Loudspeaker Preset Library.

Legrand’s Technology Evangelist Joe Cornwall to Teach Virtual AVIXA Masterclass on AV Signal Distribution

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Legrand’s Joe Cornwall will co-lead the “AV Transport and Signal Distribution Masterclass,” presented by AVIXA in association with Legrand AV and Freman Solutions, June 21-23. Created with highly experienced AV professionals in mind, the three-day program will cover 12 hours of content spanning OTA and OTT delivery systems, AV payload, IoT, AVoIP codecs, AV structured wiring and local connectivity, HDCP, and color spaces with the opportunity for integrators to earn 12 RUs.

“From an in-depth exploration of streaming codecs and HDBaseT to a deep dive into HDMI 2.1 and the overachieving USB Type-C connector, we’re going to look at emerging AV technologies and the challenges they present to AV system designers, integrators, and users,” said Cornwall, CTS-D, CTS-I, ISF-C, and FOI, Technology Evangelist for Legrand AV. “It’s an ambitious goal, but the feedback from previous sessions I’ve taught tells me we’re on the right track. Every class has been bigger than the one before, and we’re going to keep our foot on the accelerator.”

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So, You’re Ready To Go LED…But Is Your System?

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As time goes on, the market continues to develop new, more flexible and efficient means to light the stage with LED technology. Originally, LED lighting fixtures were not capable of producing a high-quality light output. We now have access to high quality LED’s that can produce light almost as good as an incandescent fixture while also adding some very beneficial side effects, like color changing capabilities, lower power draw requirements and low heat radiation. They are used in all levels of production, from Broadway to High Schools.

Because LED’s have become almost commonplace in the entertainment industry, we often take for granted the changes that they can require to our facility’s infrastructure. Most venues that still utilize incandescent lighting systems continue to do so because of the cost to change their existing systems to allow the use of the new fixtures. An LED fixture differs from its incandescent predecessor because it is more of an electronic device than a light. With that difference comes special requirements for proper use. LED’s require both data, in the form of a DMX signal, and power be supplied to each device.

Cavlo Announces Food For Thought Discussion Panel

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The cavlo trade show announced today that it will hold a “Food for Thought” discussion panel during its May 11th event in Nashville. The discussion panel is produced in conjunction with HETMA, and breakfast sponsored by Starin Marketing. The discussion panel named “IoT, The Cloud and Virtual Meeting Spaces: Is Anyone Ever Coming Back to Campus?” will feature a chat about the future of virtual meeting and learning spaces. This discussion will be moderated by Chris Neto of Starin Marketing and feature prominent panelists from the Higher Education sector.

“HETMA is excited to partner with cavlo as a discussion panel sponsor for the upcoming show in Nashville, TN on May 11th,” says BC Hatchett, M.A.Ed., Associate Director for Classroom Technology at Vanderbilt University. “It is always fantastic to engage with industry professionals on how we can work together to meet the dynamic needs of the higher education vertical. With the chaotic environment we all find ourselves in these days communication and collaboration are vital, and cavlo is meeting this challenge by bringing together a wide range of stakeholders so that we can meet this challenge head on. Thank you to cavlo for inviting HETMA to play a role in this event!”

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Good Help: Training and Trusting Media Production Volunteers

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I’m a professional broadcast engineer and a minister. In addition to my weekday job at PTZOptics, I’m responsible for all media and audio/visual ministries at my church, Shiloh Ministries. We have a multicamera setup used for recording and live streaming, with all the productions effects you’d expect from a modern-day broadcast. We have the ability to track shots, introduce lower thirds, and even show social media comments. I’m also responsible for visual content used during the service, including video and slides. It’s far from a one-man operation, but I’ve been able to find plenty of good help by cultivating interest among congregants, creating a virtuous cycle of training and cross-training to ensure reasonable boundaries on my volunteers’ responsibilities. Over time, I’ve grown a team of volunteers I can trust to run a full-scale service broadcast without my help.

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How to Choose The Right Wireless Microphone

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Houses of Worship aim to create an immersive experience for their congregation. Services are about sharing the message and empowering others to lift their voices in praise and song. From the vocalists to small instrument groups and clergy, all need to be heard clearly and precisely throughout the sanctuary.

For many small-to-medium-sized Houses of Worship, they may not be able to employ a dedicated audio technology team lead to help set up microphones and ensure there is no disconnect between what you hear and what you see. This means that the tools you do purchase and learn need to be adaptable and easy to set up. When purchasing mics and wireless systems to power them, there are several things to consider when making the right investment for your sanctuary space.

DIALOG® 10 USB Training is Here

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Nope!  No one has anything like the DIALOG 10 USB!

The perfect microphone for webcasting and cloud-based collaboration with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, and others.

Enjoy robust, frequency hopping spread-spectrum technology with no frequency license restrictions world-wide.