Lectrosonics IFBR1B Receiver Pack and Charging System

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Long a standard of the industry for IFB (Interruptable Foldback) systems for broadcast studios, live events, film sets and anywhere a foldback unit is needed, the Lectrosonics IFB T4 base station and R1a receiver are nearing the 20-year mark – almost unheard of for professional electronics in today’s world. Introduced in 2001, the R1a receiver pack set new standards for size, ruggedness, utility, and value. However, especially in today’s fast-paced production environment, the need has been rising for a new receiver pack with a new form factor. The biggest change, other than the small size, is the additional of rechargeable batteries and a modular dock charging system….

Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing Webinar from Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc.

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Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc., the industry leader in innovative Wi-Fi Multi-Channel Single Radio (MCSR™) for residential and commercial markets video-on-demand webinar explains the breakthrough innovation Dual Channel Wi-Fi™.

In this webinar, Eric Smith, the VP Product for Edgewater Wireless and Luther Smith, the inventor of Dual Channel Wi-Fi and Director of Wireless Access Technologies at CableLabs, will decode the impact Dual Channel Wi-Fi will have on the global Wi-Fi experience for device manufacturers and service providers.

Riedel’s MediorNet Drives Real-Time Signal Transport and OTT Streaming for Unique Drive-Up Worship Services at Cherry Hills Community Church

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Riedel’s MediorNet real-time signal transport, processing, and routing technology powers a unique drive-up ministry for Cherry Hills Community Church, a large house of worship based in suburban Denver. In response to social distancing measures, the church presents its Sunday services to worshippers gathered in the parking lot in their cars — with MediorNet providing reliable and expandable transport of all video, audio, and intercom signals between the control room and the outdoor stage. The gatherings are also streamed to various social networks and OTT channels.

“We had used MediorNet previously to handle camera feeds and intercom for an event taking place on the other side of our campus. Therefore, MediorNet was the first thing that came to mind when I was thinking about how to get interconnectivity between the building and a trailer set up in the parking lot that served as the front of house mix position for our drive-up services,” said Chris Thomas, Technical Arts Director, Cherry Hills Community Church. “Also, we had only three days’ notice to get the drive-up ministry up and running in time for weekend services. The Riedel support team was incredibly helpful, and they were able to show us via remote conferencing just how fast and easy it is to set up MediorNet with its simple drag-and-drop configuration.”

10 Solutions for Easy Video Streaming

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As more and more organizations are finding the need to communicate remotely, streaming video has turned into an essential tool to stay connected with students, congregants, and employees. The good news is that streaming technology is user-friendly, and you may already have much of the equipment you need for a perfectly capable streaming system. If you don’t, our friends at Full Compass have put together a variety of streaming packages to meet the needs of venues of all sizes.

The information provided below by Full Compass goes over the basics of streaming for those who are brand new to setting up a video stream, before getting into some more intermediate and high-level configurations.

So… Video Streaming 101

  1. Get a video camera. Already have one? Great!
  2. Get an encoder. That’s the one thing you probably don’t have. This is basically a box that sends your video signal out to the world.
  3. Hook your camera into your encoder with an HDMI or SDI cable (depending on your camera), follow the simple setup prompts, and stream over YouTube or your Facebook page or any other streaming service.

Atlona Ships New Omega Scaling Receiver with HDMI and Dual HDBaseT Inputs

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Atlona, a Panduit company, has introduced a new versatile HDBaseT receiver in its Omega™ Series of switching, extension, and video processing solutions for modern workspaces and meeting environments. Available immediately, the new AT-OME-RX31 combines dual HDBaseT receivers with three-input switching, 4K/UHD scaling and a local HDMI input in a space-efficient form factor.

Designed specifically for today’s evolving meeting and gathering spaces, Atlona’s Omega Series is a growing family of essential AV system components that provide simple, plug-and-play operation for presentations, video conferencing sessions, and team collaboration. The OME-RX31 builds on its sibling AT-OME-RX21 with two HDBaseT inputs that receive video up to 4K/UHD at 60 Hz with 4:2:0 chroma subsampling alongside embedded audio, control and Ethernet over distances up to 330 feet (100 meters). It provides a uniquely simple system design solution for receiving sources from dual remote locations such as podiums, student pods, or a large meeting table.

AVIXA Opens Online Training to All Through to June 19

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From Avixa:

“As COVID-19 impacts our daily lives, much of our AV community is looking at extended home office time. As part of our commitment to the industry in these unprecedented times, AVIXA is opening online training* to all AV professionals, regardless of membership level.

Effective immediately, we are waiving online access fees and Elite seat limitations through June 12. That means you and your entire team can now access AVIXA’s online training.

We hope this will give you and your team the opportunity to learn new topics, work toward CTS certification, or earn CTS-RUs if already CTS certified, even if you are home.”

Yes, you read that right! This is a GREAT opportunity for your church tech teams to really drill down and learn about the technology behind the gear they are using. Not only will it help pass the time, but it will make your tech team STRONGER, and your live worship even more engaging and technically impressive than ever before.

To learn more, visit https://www.avixa.org/avixa-stands-with-the-av-industry

Spread the Word, Not the Virus

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by Shawn West

Now is not the time to panic, but it is the time to prepare as the Corona Virus (COVID-19) is upon us. So I ask you this question, is LIVE STREAMING your church services a healthy prescription?

Leading health experts are unanimous in saying, “Distance yourself from the risk. (Dr. Anthony Fauci, Center for Disease Control, circa Fox News, March 8, 2020).  Schools are currently closed in 18 states.  And more closings are on the way.  Evangelical pastors are no longer shaking hands at the back of the sanctuary after the service.  Catholic parishes have stopped serving communion and the Holy water fonts are empty.  The U.S. Government just issued guidance saying that they may forcibly close many sectors of America.  Does that include churches? A church in Georgetown, Virginia was just closed due to one of its pastors shaking hands with a known Corona Virus victim. Two pastors of one of the nation’s largest churches [Lifechurch] are being quarantined by local health authorities after being exposed to the new coronavirus.

Let’s be proactive. But how do we protect ourselves in churches that are packed each Sunday morning, Sunday night and sometimes Wednesday? The so-called act of “social distancing” goes against our evangelical grains in encouraging others to “join us” each Sunday for worship services and Bible study.  Not to mention the multitude of revival meetings, church conferences and men’s and women’s retreats happening right now across the USA.  And don’t get me started on Vacation Bible School this summer.  What in the world are we going to do with our summer programs and campouts if the Corona Virus takes hold here in America as it is prognosticated to do?  Will our volunteer staff be infected, ill and otherwise unable to work?  Will our facilities be clean enough?  Will the community-at-large trust us with their children?

Lawo Power Core Goes To The MAX

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Lawo announces a new software license package for its versatile Power Core AoIP mixing engine and I/O node: Power Core MAX. “MAX”, short for Multiple Access, makes it possible for a single Power Core device to be the mixing engine for multiple on-air mixing consoles.
“Many of Lawo’s customers are large public broadcasters whose workflows dictate big mixing surfaces, so Power Core was designed with a huge amount of DSP and modular I/O in just 1RU — maybe even too much for an average console,” says Lawo Radio Marketing Specialist Clark Novak. “Power Core MAX lets you unlock all those resources to power two, three or even four small mixing surfaces. That’s a capability that anyone who wants to maximise their equipment budget will immediately appreciate.”