Times Square Church Gets with the Times on DiGiCo Quantum338-driven L-Acoustics K3i System

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Times Square Church (TSC) on West 51st Street in Manhattan’s Theatre District has a long and diverse history. Initially built by Warner Brothers in 1930 as a movie palace known as the Warner Hollywood Theatre, the venue later transitioned into the Mark Hellinger Theatre, which hosted iconic Broadway musicals like My Fair Lady and Jesus Christ Superstar.

In 1991, the space was once again repurposed, this time as an interdenominational house of worship under the direction of Pastor David Wilkerson, author of The Cross and the Switchblade. He wisely chose to preserve the venue’s modern façade and rococo interior, now New York City landmarks. With a room this stunning, it was only fitting that it should also sound equally beautiful. Today, it does, thanks to a new L-Acoustics K3i loudspeaker system driven via a DiGiCo Quantum338 mixing console, both of which were installed by Special Event Services (SES) Integration.

The Church For All Nations Solves Wireless Challenges With Components From RF Venue

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The Church For All Nations in Colorado Springs, CO, had a problem. Actually, they had a multifaceted problem: its RF wireless microphone and IEM systems were experiencing regular dropouts and signal fades during services and even rehearsals. The RF products the church was employing, such as antennas and combiners, were not working effectively – or at all, in some instances – and the church’s own knowledge base was shaky on the complex topic of RF management. Luckily, a set of online resources from RF Venue got the church’s technical personnel on the right track, leading to a more knowledgeable staff and eventually an updated system of RF Venue components.

“RF has gotten progressively harder and harder to deal with in the last few years,” says David Cowart, an associate pastor at Church For All Nations and occasionally its sound mixer, a role he shares with several other staff there. Citing the loss of spectrum over the last decade-plus as the FCC has auctioned off frequencies in the key areas used by wireless microphones, Cowart found in that time that even many AV systems integrators, who were otherwise savvy and knowledgeable when it came to most audio and video systems, had significant gaps in their understanding of RF.