Point Source Audio Mic Hygiene

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Now more than ever, it is important to keep your microphone equipment clean and separate from other users. Point Source Audio knows that this isn’t always possible, so it wanted to be part of the solution that will allow users of shared systems to feel more comfortable when they are using the microphone.

In a further step, Point Source Audio has also created a new video dedicated to cleaning microphone systems. The video demonstrates the techniques needed to clean a microphone system using alcohol wipes.

Sennheiser Sound Academy

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The Sennheiser SoundAcademy has started to provide free pro audio training webinars and product demonstrations globally. The webinars will cover a wide range of topics from wireless microphones, to audio for video, to conference beamforming microphones. They have been created for customers from the music industry, AV industry, film and video production teams as well as the education and corporate sectors. The free training sessions will be offered at 1:30 a.m., 6:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. (all times U.S. Eastern Time), which allows people from around the globe to tune in.

Powersoft Deva Online Training

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Italian power amplifier manufacturers Powersoft have just announced new online trainings for their outdoor multimedia unit Deva. The sessions will be presented live by one of Powersoft’s Deva system engineers and will focus on the features of the unit designed specifically for safety and crowd management during emergency situations including facial recognition, crowd count, virtual fencing, SOS, and public warning messages. The trainings will take place on Monday, March 30, 2020 at 2pm CEST and 6pm CEST and are free to attend.

AES Leaders Release On-Line Education Plan

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As the global pandemic forces social isolation, educators are scrambling to apply available technology to online instruction to bring the classroom to their students. Audio educators face additional challenges as lecture content and interaction with students needs to be accompanied by high-quality audio playback and real-time demonstration of tools and techniques.

Jill Courtney (AES Nashville Section executive committee member, doctoral student in Instructional Design Leadership at Franklin University, former college audio instructor and teacher in performance arts) and Michael Hanson (AES Nashville Section Chair, veteran audio engineer and assistant professor of audio production at Middle Tennessee State University) are among the educators challenged to find effective instruction methodology as their schools transition to online education as they enter quarantine.

TobyMac and Blackhawk Audio Hits Deep With EAW ADAPTive

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When Christian hip-hop recording artist and seven-time GRAMMY®winner TobyMac hit the road for his Hits Deep Tour, the production team knew that growing audiences and varying coverage demands would provide a challenge few loudspeaker systems could meet. Eastern Acoustic Works’ (EAW) worked directly with BlackHawk Audio in implementing its ADAPTive System for the tour, as it extends coverage and provides even front to back response in a physically compact system.

“The tour is a large and complicated audio deployment; the sound system has to be up and out of the way of the many video screens, yet still provide massive power and clarity to the audience,” says Rick Shimer owner of Blackhawk Audio. “We knew EAW’s ADAPTive could handle our needs and consistently deliver the coverage we needed regardless of the size or shape of the venue. The system has delivered and the sound that we are getting is amazing.”

QSC Certification Programs

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Are you working remotely? QSC has a full catalogue of award-winning online training modules that are accessible from the comfort of your own home.

Please review the available modules below and work towards additional certification to increase your customer support and sales results.

QSC online training is always free of charge.

Shure Online Training

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Join Cheryl Jennison DaProza, Chris Lyons, Sam Gibbs, and Dave Klein as they lead a discussion on how to find Shure training, including recorded webinars and online training. Dave Klein of the Shure Audio Institute will guide you through the steps to access the webinars via the Shure Audio Institute web page, as well as showing the steps on how to register for online training. Sam Gibbs will explain the different Certifications that Shure has to offer and how to join the Groups to access this training.