New Tool Provides Integrators With Fully Configured and Ready-To-Install Networking Equipment, Eliminating On-Site Setup and Troubleshooting, Reducing Labor Costs, and Enhancing User Experience

Blackwire Designs, a leading distributor in the custom installation and Pro AV markets, today announced the launch of its Blackwire Network Provisioning Service, a new tool that enabling integrators to receive fully configured, updated, labeled, and installation-ready networking equipment straight out of the box. Available for free upon purchase of eligible networking products, this service eliminates the need for time-consuming setup and troubleshooting on site, ensuring a seamless and cost-efficient installation process.

“Integrators frequently face challenges with on-site configuration and troubleshooting, leading to potential delays and increased costs,” said Kevin Luther, owner of Blackwire Designs. “Our new Network Provisioning Service not only resolves these problems but also sets a new industry standard by extending Blackwire’s proven provisioning from our video distribution systems to our networking products. It marks the next step in our mission to provide integrators with the necessary tools and support to implement exceptional networking solutions, thereby saving costs even before reaching the job site, while also enhancing user experience and simplifying complex installations.”

To use the Blackwire Network Provisioning Service, integrators simply need to complete a short post-purchase questionnaire to have their equipment customized to their project specifications. Blackwire will then configure and update all networking equipment before shipping the products from the warehouse, ensuring that the customer’s specifications align with the company’s recommended configuration. This process verifies that each piece of equipment is working and plug-and-play ready upon arrival, eliminating the hassle of the RMA process, ensuring a smooth installation, and saving countless hours in the field. As a result, integrators can reduce labor costs and minimize the need for highly experienced staff on site. The service is supported by CWNA-certified personnel and includes all Ruckus, Peplink, and NETGEAR certifications, guaranteeing top-notch quality and reliability.

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