Eiki’s Bright and Crisp Projection Proves Ideal for Muskoka Woods

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Muskoka_43SmMuskoka Woods is a Christian youth resort that welcomes all young people to life-changing experiences. Muskoka Woods operates all year round on Lake Rosseau as a non-profit youth organization specializing in summer camp, school trips, church retreats, and leadership development experiences. Muskoka Woods is the ultimate destination for youth of all ages. With over 1,000 acres of property, 2,800 feet of shoreline on beautiful Lake Rosseau, world-class buildings and sports complexes, Muskoka Woods is one of the most respected premier residential camps in North America. Muskoka Woods offers a myriad of activities and, to provide the most engaging experience possible, management recently elected to deploy state-of-the-art projection technology drawn from the catalog of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA-based Eiki International, Incorporated.

As Muskoka Woods’ Production Manager, Colin Ray is responsible for ensuring all A/V equipment is in working order and updated as required, in addition to managing the sound, lighting, and video for all events on campus. He takes great pride in creating a fun, memorable atmosphere for the guests by designing all stages, props, and outdoor lighting to transform the resort for every meeting, event, concert or program that occurs. He discussed his decision to install Eiki’s LC-HDT2000 HD widescreen projector.

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Eiki Projection Helps Christ Presbyterian Church Deliver the Message

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Christ_Presbyterian_43HiStriving to follow Christ in His mission of loving people, places, and taking responsibility to care for all of God’s creation, Christ Presbyterian Church assumes a pivotal role in the greater Nashville area. With both traditional and contemporary worship services, the church recently added video projection capabilities in its sanctuary so as to increase its ability to engage the congregation and make services more meaningful. Recognizing the importance of image quality and its ability to impact people, the church selected projectors drawn from the catalog of Eiki International.

Corner AV of Nashville, TN, a division of Corner Music, was contracted to design and deploy Christ Presbyterian Church’s new video projection system. After meeting with church management to ascertain their goals and expectations, the decision was made to deploy an Eiki LC-HDT2000 15,000 ANSI Lumens HD Widescreen Projector for the main display and an Eiki EIP-X5500 DLP® Projector for confidence monitoring. Bob Nickerson, Production Consultant for Corner AV, handles a combination of sales, system design, installation, and training. He discussed the nature of the project.

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Eiki Projection Technology Helps Keep the Congregation Engaged at St. Mark The Evangelist Catholic Church

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StMark_43SmGuided by its mission to Love, Orar (Pray), Give, and Evangelize, St. Mark The Evangelist Catholic Church offers its congregation a wide range of ministries aimed at keeping its congregation actively involved for a rewarding religious experience. In order to help ensure that weekly services are engaging and meaningful to its congregation, the Church recently took delivery of projectors utilizing 3LCD+One technology drawn from the catalog of Eiki International, Inc.

Magnum Audio Group, Inc. of Tampa, FL was contracted to handle the installation of the church’s new projectors. After meeting with church management to determine its goals and expectations, Randi Crooks, the firm’s President, who oversees system design and implementation of the company’s projects, decided to deploy two Eiki LC-HDT700 7000 lumen ANSI projectors. He discussed his reasons for selecting Eiki.

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Environmental Projection: What You Need to Know

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Irving Bible Church, TX (1)

You are probably all familiar with environmental projection by now; the ability to create a palette of color and light to turn the walls in your sanctuary into a completely different space, through the use of projectors and limitless creativity. As a matter of fact, your HoW might already be employing environmental projection to augment worship series, or for special occasions. However, if you aren’t using environmental projection but want to, here’s the basic list of things you need to know.

First rule of thumb: whatever projectors you use for environmental projection, they need to be bright enough to overcome the ambient light in your room. Remember, the projector is like the paint brush of an artist; transferring your vision to the canvas of your sanctuary. However, that canvas won’t always be the ideal medium for your creation. In other words, you aren’t just projecting on screens that are specifically designed for projected light, but also onto the walls, the ceiling, the architectural nuances of the room, or a combination thereof. The colors and type of material you are projecting to will play a role in the way your finalized image looks, and brighter projection will often help soften (or eliminate) problem spots on your creative canvas.

You’ve got the projectors you need, but how are you going to create the picture you want to paint your room with? This is where presentation software comes into play – and there are a lot to choose from. In fact, you might already have access to some of these at your church already. Images can be created with something as simple as PowerPoint. However, like most things in life, you get what you pay for. If you really want to make an impact, spend some money and purchase a presentation software with more options than PowerPoint offers, that will allow you to manipulate and control your creative images in ways that the relatively basic ‘slide’ feature of PowerPoint doesn’t. Some software to consider: ProPresenter, Easy Worship, Media Shout, ProVideoPlayer and Arkaos.

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Vista Systems’ Spyder picked for Video Projection System in Faith Bible’s New Sanctuary

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Spyder X20 Front TransparentWhen Faith Bible Church, a Bible-centered church in The Woodlands, Texas, built a new 900-seat sanctuary, Houston-area AV contractor Hairel Enterprises selected a Vista Systems Spyder X20 0808 as a key component of the new video projection system.

Faith Bible marks the first use of a Vista Spyder by Hairel, which provided full AV and theatrical lighting for the sanctuary.  “I knew about Spyder and got in touch with Vista because I thought it would be a perfect fit for this installation,” says systems designer Bruce Simmons.  “My cold call to Vista turned into a four-hour conversation.  They arranged for a demo, and the church was elated by what they saw.”  The video projection system will be operational in late January 2015.

The new sanctuary has a raised platform area at its center.  A motorized 25×9-foot screen drops down from the ceiling for use in worship services and special events and productions.  Two additional 16×9-foot screens flank the center screen and are permanently affixed to the walls.  A two-projector center edge blend and the two outer single-projector images are accomplished with four Barco RLMW8 projectors and a Spyder X20 with 8 inputs and 8 outputs.

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Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church Conversion from Projection to Elation LED Video

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Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church_3

Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church in Gig Harbor, Washington, recently converted the visual platform in their main worship space from a traditional projector and screen system to Elation EZ Series LED video screens, a high-resolution system designed, integrated and installed by Agility AVL (http://agilityavl.com).

Church personnel were looking to replace a pair of 10,000 lumen projectors whose optics were going bad and initially looked at two 15,000 lumen projectors as replacements. “The church was ready to go with projectors and they seemed to have already had their mind set on it,” states Agility’s Kevin Hill, account manager on the project. “They had a few companies come in with projectors but there were issues with the ambient light that comes in from some windows overhead that can wash out the screens. Although the new projectors looked good they just weren’t bright enough. They didn’t look great and just didn’t blow you away like they should, especially for the cost.”

Introducing…The World’s Largest Optical Front Projection Screen

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View it Large with the new dnp Supernova XL Screen dnp unveils the latest in Optical front projection screens, the dnp Supernova XL. Available in Supernova 08-85 ISF Certified film, …