Sony Launches Generation 3 PetaSite Optical Disc Archive Library

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Sony Electronics Inc. announces the launch of Generation 3 (“Gen3”) PetaSite Optical Disc Archive technology, which is now shipping. The high-capacity archival storage solution scales from 165 TB*1 to 2.9 PB*1 of immutable optical storage in a standard 42U Rack. This launch follows Sony’s recently announced Gen3 high-capacity USB desktop drive units (ODS-D380U), fibre-channel library drive units (ODS-D380F) and 5.5 TB media cartridges (ODC5500R).

Sony’s enterprise optical disc archive solution provides secure, immutable data preservation for a wide variety of applications and industries, including: corporate IT, state and local governments, surveillance, banking, education and healthcare, among others.

In keeping with Sony’s commitment to its customers and focus on long-term archive solutions, The Gen3 enterprise class eight-channel, dual-sided optical drive is write compatible to Generation 2 and backward read compatible to all Optical Disc Archive cartridges.

Altman Lighting Introduces PHX3 LED Profile and Zoom Luminaires

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Continuing to innovate the technology behind their popular PHX LED ellipsoidals, Altman Lighting is proud to announce the new PHX3 LED Profile and PHX3 LED Zoom luminaires. Ideal for theatres, special events, television studios, or any location where superior, energy-efficient lighting performance is required, the 340W PHX3 LED ellipsoidals enhance your design versatility and efficiency without sacrificing performance.

“Wanting to make sure that we implemented the most robust technology possible into our next-generation LED ellipsoidals, the PHX3 Profile and Zoom introduce a number of innovative features in function, style, and efficiency,” said Pete Borchetta, Altman Vice President Product Innovation. “Having spoken with a number of lighting designers and dealers worldwide, we wanted to expand our PHX series even further with these two new high-performance and dependable luminaires.”

Just Add Power Names High Note Sales as New Rep

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Partnership Increases Service and Support for Growing Florida Dealer Base

Just Add Power, a leader in video-over-IP distribution, announced that the company has partnered with High Note Sales, a Florida-based manufacturer’s sales rep to the residential and commercial custom installation markets. Under the partnership, High Note will represent Just Add Power’s entire lineup of award-winning solutions, backed by service and technical support, to the company’s growing dealer base in Florida.

“The High Note team has a long history of bringing high-end components to their customers in the custom space, backed by over 125 years of combined experience and knowledge,” said Taft Stricklin, sales team manager at Just Add Power. “The company will be instrumental in providing impeccable service and support to our dealer network in Florida.”

Pliant Technologies Announces Wireless Intercom Trade-In Promotion

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In partnership with its domestic dealers, systems integrators and international distributors, Pliant Technologies announces a wireless intercom equipment trade-in program that will run through September 1, 2020. With the purchase of Pliant CrewCom Control Units and Radio Packs, customers can trade-in any professional wireless coms product for a rebate. The equipment eligible for trade-in can be from any professional wireless intercom manufacturer and in any age, condition, working or not, and in any frequency band.

“As we all know, the FCC repack has had a dramatic effect on the wireless products used in production. Many customers are still using intercom systems that worked fine in the past but are now exhibiting interference issues or are actually no longer legal to use,” says Gary Rosen, Vice President of global sales for Pliant Technologies. “In today’s environment, it is crucial that personnel have access to the most dependable and high-quality intercom equipment available to successfully execute production operations. This promotion offers customers a unique opportunity to move away from their old out-of-date wireless intercom and modernize their communications with a reduced cost upgrade to the latest intercom solutions from Pliant Technologies by getting value from their obsolete gear. Customers will receive rebates of $250 per Control Unit and $100 per Radio Pack. This promotion is only available for customers purchasing CrewCom systems through the network of Pliant’s authorized dealers, systems integrators, or distributors.”

AY Productions Turns to Pliant® Technologies’ CrewCom® for a Range of Popular Live Events

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AY Productions, audio and coms specialists, turns to Pliant Technologies’ CrewCom wireless intercom to provide robust communications for a range of live productions including Thursday Night Football (TNF), the AFC Championship, the Democratic Debate in Charleston, the Masters, U.S. Open Golf, PGA Championship, World Series, NFL Draft, and the Super Bowl. Aaron Young, coms engineer at AY Productions, and Andy Rostron, freelance coms engineer, began their partnership working on Thursday Night Football (TNF) back in 2013.

As technologies advanced and productions grew more complicated, the duo found they were outgrowing their traditional analog wireless system, which was difficult to deploy and did not provide enough coverage. During their search for a replacement wireless intercom, they found exactly what they were looking for with the CrewCom 900MHz system.

Visix Adds 12.5-Inch E Ink Sign to Meeting Room Signs Product Line

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Visix, Inc. has announced the release of their newest electronic-paper room sign, the EPS 125. This 12.5-inch E Ink sign is the largest display available for room sign applications, and is the third e-paper sign from Visix, alongside their EPS 60 and EPS 74 models.

New EPS 125 room signs have a large display surface with a resolution of 1304 x 984 pixels (4:3), which is twice as big as most e-paper room signs on the market. The signs can be used in either landscape or portrait orientation, with an anti-reflective screen offering high visibility and contrast, and a 180-degree viewing angle. 

AUDAC Offers Innovative Sound Training Certificates

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Recently it was announced that AUDAC launched a brand-new education platform. Did you know that this platform allows you to earn an Innovative Sound Training Certificate?

With the launch of the brand new AUDAC Education Platform, AUDAC is introducing exciting new ways to connect with their partners and digitally pursue their quality level of education.

The platform features various online training videos ranging from entry-level training that introduce you to the solutions to in-depth training that explain all different functionalities.

Impact of COVID-19 on Higher Ed Digital Signage Networks

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Discover the ways in which higher education professionals are currently leveraging their digital signage infrastructures outside of their physical campuses, and going forward, how they foresee using digital signage differently when classes return to campus.

Moderated by Rhea Kelly, Executive Editor for Campus Technology, this 60-minute session will benefit higher education technologists, marketing and communications professionals responsible for their institution’s digital signage communications network.

June 2nd, 2020 2pm EDT – Register here

Satellite Modular Laser System – New, revolutionary projector advancement from Digital Projection

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Digital Projection, the Emmy-award winning manufacturer of high-performance laser projection and fine-pitch LED video wall solutions is pleased to officially launch its game-changing Satellite Modular Laser System (Satellite MLS). The keystone feature of this new, revolutionary system is the separation of the pure laser light engine, with the associated power and thermal management, to a remote location. This enables a compact and virtually silent projection ‘Head’ that primarily contains optics, video processing, and cooling related to the image modulators. Providing flexible integration options unlike anything on the market today, Satellite MLS promises to be an incredible leap forward for the AV industry.

Given the modular components that comprise the system, integrators can easily design a custom one-to-many, or many-to-one configuration between the MLS light sources and the Satellite projection Heads:

In a one-to-many configuration, a single 10,000 lumen MLS light module illuminates multiple projection Heads, equally splitting and providing matched brightness to each Head through the life of the illumination system. Intelligent control mechanisms ensure lumen matching of up to four projection Heads, while dramatically reducing system downtime for scheduled maintenance.