Luxul, the leading innovator of IP networking solutions, introduces the Luxul Wi-Fi 6 AX3600 4×4 Dual-Band Indoor Access Point (AP-3064). This latest addition to Luxul’s product lineup leverages the power of Wi-Fi 6 technology, backed by Luxul’s suite of free services and benefits offered through its Customer Assurance Program (CAP).

“While the market evolves, Luxul remains steadfast in our commitment to provide reliable networking solutions backed by our Customer Assurance Program,” said Ryan Bottini, Product Marketing Manager, Luxul, Legrand | AV. “Our focus has always been on delivering unparalleled support and assistance to ensure our customers’ networks perform optimally. With this new AP, we continue this tradition, offering not just great Wi-Fi, but a complete support ecosystem tailored to our customers’ needs.”

The Luxul AP-3064 pairs an upgraded wireless protocol, Wi-Fi 6, with Luxul’s best-in-class CAP along with the simple user-interface design Luxul products are known for. CAP provides dealers with certified wired and wireless network designs for their commercial and residential projects — complete with tech support — that are guaranteed to meet their customers’ reliability and performance requirements relating to Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi 6 AP continues to build on this reputation with its Quick Setup Page and user-friendly interface.

The Luxul AP is ideal for homeowners wanting a high-performance home network allowing for faster speeds, more device connections, and greater network capacity and signal range. It’s also perfect for integrators performing light commercial projects with networks that have a high volume of device connections, as WiFi 6 provides a broader bandwidth than previous Wi-Fi 5 technology.

As with other Luxul network solutions, the company helps protect the profit margins of its dealer partners by declining to pursue a direct-to-consumer model and not competing through online sales. In addition to free design services, Luxul also includes an industry-leading three-year warranty and free lifetime support.

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