FEATURED PRODUCT: Black Hole BH2 studio condenser microphone from JZ Microphones

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Excellent clarity and full richness are how industry professionals describe the sound of the Black Hole series microphones BH2 and BH1S.

These premium-level handcrafted studio microphones are designed for engineers and producers demanding only the best and give true confidence in any kind of recording situation!

The Black Hole Series is the result of relentless improvement of technology, spanning more than 30 years and it has repeatedly questioned the status of the all-time classics.

All JZ Microphones products have been designed with strict “no-compromise” rules and are manufactured and tested in Latvia (EU) by a team of highly qualified experts!

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The PTX Model 3 PRO pan/tilt head is the larger, more powerful and versatile successor to the company’s PTX Model 1, Model 1L and Model 2 heads that have been marketed worldwide since 2017. Due to supply line uncertainties and materials shortages, we elected to design and manufacture the PTX Model 3 PRO from the ground up. Now built in Texas, USA, this head addresses the expanding need for a more robust platform capable of handling dimensions and payloads of cameras and lenses from virtually all manufacturers.

To maximize compatibility with a wide range of PTZ controllers, the PTX Model 3 PRO uses VISCA over IP communications protocol, extracting pan and tilt-related commands for controlling speed and direction. This assures that even non-technical volunteers will be able to operate it right out of the box. All joystick and presets incorporate smooth speed ramps that simulate what you expect from a skilled operator using a camera on a high-quality fluid head.