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Edison, New Jersey — RCF is pleased to announce the release of RDNet software version 3.1. The RDNet (Networked Management System) sees much improvement such as direct control of the on-board hi-pass filter, new Shape Designer, and Bass Shaper function. The interface is newly enhanced for faster adjustments and is visually improved with high contrast colors and intuitive control for touchscreen devices.

The Shape Designer assists with line array set-up in audio systems, performing a two-dimensional calculation to provide system curvature, system rigging point, and cabinet angles.

The Bass Shaper tool helps the system engineer to adjust the desired timbre on low frequencies. Within a few steps it is easy to correct low-end behaviour to maintain tonal balance across the entire system.

RDNet 3.1 also takes control on the internal High-Pass filter on each cabinet, improving system flexibility and simplifying satellite-to-subwoofer phase alignment. New views like the single channel equalization views have been added.

More information can be found here: www.rcf.it