Ed Sheeran Makes Magic in Mumbai with Meyer Sound

In Audio, Audio Industry News, home_page, Image, Industry News, Web Articlesby Josh Makariak

Since its kickoff in Dublin back in April 2022, Ed Sheeran’s “+ – = ÷ x” (“Mathematics”) Tour has touched down in more than 100 cities around the globe, dazzling millions of fans with a career-spanning one-man stadium show in the round.

The tour wrapped up its Asian leg in March 2023 at the Mahalaxmi Race Course in Mumbai, delivering an unforgettable sonic experience thanks to collaboration between the tour production team, Major Tom, Meyer Sound, India-based distributor Sun Infonet, and equipment suppliers, Total Multimedia, Phoenix Networks, Friends of Shiva, and PP Sound.

The “Mathematics” tour has been a showcase for Meyer Sound’s newest technologies, featuring 212 PANTHER™ large-format linear line array loudspeakers in 14 arrays, supplemented by 78 1100-LFC™ low-frequency control elements in flown and ground-stacked gradient arrays and 22 LEOPARD® compact linear line array loudspeakers as front fills, all managed by 26 Galileo® GALAXY Network Platforms. The MILAN-based system incorporates Meyer Sound’s new Nebra™ software platform for network configuration and system monitoring, with MAPP 3D™ prediction software realigning coverage for each stadium stop.

“Mumbai was our only Indian stop on our Middle East and Asia tour, and we brought our scaled in-the-round show with us,” says Ed Sheeran’s Production Director Chris Marsh. (The main sound system for the Asia leg centered around a box truss with two 16-box PANTHER arrays flanking ten 1100-LFC low-frequency control elements flown from each corner, with the stage system of 22 LEOPARD loudspeakers and 18 x 1100-LFC control elements on the ground.) “We were unable to carry everything with us due to restrictions in how much equipment we could freight between territories, and the PA system was one thing that we needed to source locally.”

Marsh says sourcing PANTHER in India made it possible to bring the tour’s signature sonic experience to Mumbai. “Having PANTHER available in India ticked so many boxes! It is our system of choice; we know it so well and are confident of its abilities.”

“Knowing that we could deploy this system meant that audio was not a concern at all,” he adds. “It also meant that we did not need to use delays which had formed part of other vendors’ designs. This was a financial saving, as well as one less logistical element to deal with.”

Collaborating closely with Sun Infonet, Marsh, and Systems Engineer Adam Wells, the team seamlessly integrated the PANTHER system into the show’s setup, working out mapping and routing well in advance using MAPP 3D. “MAPP 3D is an essential tool in getting the message across when agreeing on box counts and quantity of hangs,” Marsh explains. “The visual aid and the universal language used in this software bridges any barrier, and it was easy for the local team to understand our design.” Meyer Sound’s Technical Support Specialist, UK, Charlie Albin supported the Ed Sheeran team throughout the show. “Our task was made even simpler by Meyer Sound allowing us to borrow back our old systems engineer, Charlie Albin, who came and oversaw the installation with the local team,” explains Marsh.

Sun Infonet’s tech team was led by Jeremy Rana, Kallol Nath, and Jayakaran B; Animesh Mishra of Phoenix Networks, Anuragg Jai of Total Multimedia, and Kyle Mukerjee of Friends of Shiva were also key collaborators.

“Ed Sheeran’s Mumbai show is a testament to seamless sound delivery, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the crew, Meyer Sound, and Sun Infonet,” says Scott Gledhill, Meyer Sound’s Director of International Sales. “Continuing to set the standard for innovative live sound production — and making it happen around the world — is at the core of what we do, and our international partners are integral to that success.”

This summer, the “Mathematics” tour heads to Europe for 25 dates, returning to a full production of 14 PANTHER arrays to present awe-inspiring sound in the round. “PANTHER has performed perfectly for us for two years now,” says Marsh. “We have no intention of changing anything.”