Meet the Hex-Pert

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ADJ’s Versatile Ultra HEX Par 3 Provides Quality Color across the Board with 6-in-1 HEX LED

Ultra Hex Par3The latest highly-adaptable product from ADJ is the Ultra HEX Par 3; an LED Par fixture which produces wide washes in an almost-infinite range of rich, vibrant colors, thanks to an expert combination of three 10W 6-in-1 HEX LEDs and 63 built-in color macros.

The HEX Par 3 is incredibly versatile, and this adaptability comes from ADJ’s use of Hex LEDs, which pack Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White, and UV into one diode, allowing users not only to choose from a range of colors but to use ultraviolet light, making the fixture great for those extra glowing effects often needed in party environments and for stage productions.

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RTW Announces Legacy Trade-In Program

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Initiative Offers Exchange of Used RTW Devices at Exclusive Pricing RTW, the market leader in visual audio meters and monitoring devices, has announced an extensive trade-in program. Customers will have …


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Multi-Use Studio Grade Headphones January 15th, 2013 TASCAM is the Pro Audio Division of TEAC America. TASCAM’s new TH-02 closed-back, stylish headphones deliver a sound one must hear to believe, …