Version 9.0 Software Now Available– Here’s What’s New

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Broadcast Pix™ is announcing a major new feature rich software release for its entire range of powerful, yet easy-to-use integrated production systems. V9.0 software is now available on all new Broadcast Pix systems, and as a free download to all users with a current support contract.

Apart from the usual bug fixes and minor enhancements, the V9.0 release includes some significant new features, that will benefit all production environments. These updates include the following:

GuestPix seamlessly integrates remote guests connected via their browser with any other video elements in the switcher, including full automation and timing by including them in Macros. The user simply logs in through a link using an authentication code and then shares their webcam or desktop, allowing users to see a preview of what is being shared, along with the return program output, including audio with automatic mix minus for echo cancellation.

Integrated Intercom and Chat
Remote crew members such as camera or graphic operators can talk to the switcher operator like a traditional intercom system through their browser, using their local mic, speakers or headset.

Additionally, they can open a chat window and message the switcher operator or control room using IM, with the ability to leave, but still pick up conversations when they reenter. The chat session can also be saved to a text file for later use.

Enhanced Automation
Macro Timer

Schedule a Macro to trigger at a set time or on a recurring basis
Macros can be enabled and disabled without deleting them
Status bar shows a timer icon at 2 mins and a counter at 30 secs prior
Automatically start a production (i.e., a church service or meeting)
Show-Based Camera Control Setting

Works with all IP cameras using the Sony camera control protocol
The camera control and its settings can now be show-based
Simplifies operation for multiple setups of different room configurations
Reduces errors and increases flexibility
Presets are saved locally with unlimited presets, plus export and back up with the show
“We are consistently working to improve and simplify the live production experience of our users,” said Graham Sharp, CEO, Broadcast Pix. “We are very excited that this major software release will enable our users to do more – include remote guests, improved team collaboration, and enhanced automation within their live productions – at no additional cost. These rich new features build upon our tradition of offering the most powerful yet easiest-to-use live production solutions available today.”

Version 9.0 software is now available on all new BPswitch™, ChurchPix™, RadioPix™ and StreamingPix™ systems, and is also available as a free update for existing Broadcast Pix users under warranty or a support contract.