Tech, No Babel: What to look for in a video tripod

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When you’re shopping for a video tripod, it might be tempting to buy the cheapest one you can find, but that’s probably not the best idea. What about if you have access to a really, really nice tripod, but a small, lightweight camera? Is that a good idea?

Fluid head: This is a non-starter if you find a tripod without a fluid head. The movements will be jerky if you do buy one without this type of head.

Appropriate size for the weight of the camera: If your camera is too big for the tripod, you risk failure and breaking the camera. If it’s too small, you’ll never get the tripod balanced right. Make sure you get the right one.

Weight for its use: Buy a light tripod for portable use, but get a heavier one if it will always be in one place.

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Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K Used to Shoot August Burns Red in Concert for HeartSupport Community

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untitledBlackmagic Design today announced that URSA Mini 4K digital film camera was used to shoot a number of high profile interviews with some of the world’s biggest bands as part of the HeartSupport community program. Blackmagic Production Camera 4K and Pocket Cinema Camera, along with Video Assists, were also used to shoot live concert footage of international heavy metal band August Burns Red at the recent Self Help Fest.

HeartSupport is an organization formed by Jake Luhrs, the lead singer of August Burns Red, which helps fans find a way to help themselves through a variety of personal issues, including depression, addiction, hurt, abuse, broken relationships, suicide, bullying and self-harm. HeartSupport’s worldwide community is connected via the Internet, and bands, such as Beartooth, Underoath, Black Veil Brides and Crown The Empire, often share video interviews with the community offering advice on how they cope and heal.

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Point Source Audio Intercom Headset Transformational for Techs at Elevation Church

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man_wears_headset_563Mike Mitchell, a long-time volunteer and part of the production team at Elevation Church has no small task being the producer’s eyes and ears in the auditorium, and communicating during the live productions at Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC. “When I first used the CM-i3 headset, it was transformational,” proclaimed Mitchell, adding that “The ability to hear better and protect my hearing at the same time has improved the way I approach my role in the production process.”

While Mike Mitchell solves customer problems as an IT professional, he’s also been a volunteer at Elevation Church for 6 out of the 10 years since the church’s inception in 2006. Rapidly expanding from the first church service of 120 attendees, the church now serves more than 20,000 each week across 14 campuses and many more through online streaming and television. Each of the locations has its own worship band, and services are streamed out from Elevation’s broadcast location to its satellite locations and the internet during worship experiences each weekend.

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Entertainment Electrics Workshop Offered at EMPAC

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ETCP-Certified Entertainment Electrician and ETCP-Recognized Trainer Richard Cadena will teach the essentials of audio, video, and lighting systems for professional electricians and technicians.

Using the sophisticated technological infrastructure of the Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Richard Cadena, an ETCP-Certified Entertainment Electrician and Trainer will teach the essentials of audio, video and lighting systems for professional electricians and technicians. The course is the first professional-development seminar to be held at EMPAC. It is open to any professional in the field and will count toward 21 renewal credits for ETCP Certified Electricians and ETCP Certified Riggers.

The three-day intensive workshop will cover the essentials of planning, setting up, testing, and trouble-shooting electrical systems for lighting, audio, and video. The workshop will be conducted in EMPAC’s Studio Beta from June 27-29, 2016. Topics covered in the course include theory, practice, and applications of electricity for entertainment, practical power distribution, control systems and networking, as well as electrical safety, codes and regulations. Each participant will receive a workbook and hands-on training.

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Telestream’s Live 3-Part Tech Training Series

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untitledTelestream is excited to annouce that we will be hosting a live 3-part series. Product experts will be hosting these 30 minute sessions and will be on-hand to answer your specific questions.

Streaming real-time content in the current OTT landscape is a tremendous opportunity, but exposes you to some unique challenges. This webinar series is designed to help you tackle the how-tos of live streaming and avoid common pitfalls.

Sign up for individual sessions or for the whole series!

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PixelFLEX helps transform a new worship environment for Calvary Chapel

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untitledWorship Pastor Tony Monto uses FLEXLite 3.9mm LED video technology to create an ideal worship environment during a temporary relocation of the worship family.

Located in Las Vegas, NV, Calvary Chapel Spring Valley is a growing worship family who is also dedicated to building a strong educational foundation through the Calvary Chapel Christian School on site as well. As the congregation has now outgrown their current facility, they have temporarily relocated to the school’s gymnasium in order to hold their worship services. With a desire to bring LED video into the new facility as well, Calvary Chapel then took this opportunity to incorporate the technology into the gymnasium environment and they did so using FLEXLite 3.99mm LED from PixelFLEX.

“When we began our capital building campaign, we knew we wanted LED video in our new worship facility, but we also needed it to help create a more ideal environment in the gymnasium during our relocation,” began Tony Monto, Worship and Young Adults Pastor. “When looking at which LED product to choose we were driven by size and wanting to get the highest quality within our budget, but we also had to be aware of weight since the wall would be temporarily hung in the school gymnasium. Also keeping in mind that we would have to set-up and tear-down the wall each week, we first started looking at LED curtains, but as we started speaking with PixelFLEX they explained how the best solution would be the FLEXLite 3.9mm and they were completely right.”

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Infocomm Partner: Mega-Lite

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  Mega-Lite by Mega Systems 5718 Kenwick St., San Antonio, TX 78238 Phone: 210-684-2600 Toll Free: 866-460-MEGA Mega-Lite is a leading producer of professional lighting fixtures for entertainment and architectural …

Tech No Babel

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Using a Live Video Production Camera

by Paul Alan Clifford

There’s a lot that’s different about live production cameras from DSLRs or even consumer camcorders.

Let’s start with the lens. A production lens has the ability to use a servo-controlled zoom as well as a mechanical focus. While the aperture is normally controlled with a CCU, it’s also possible to control that with a ring on the lens.

Production camera usually have a large view finder, but may also have an eye piece and even a flip-out viewfinder.

Normally, you’ll mount the camera on a tripod with both pan and tilt locks. The tilt lock should always be engaged when the camera isn’t being controlled by an operator.

Some cameras can be used as camcorders as well and may have configurations which allow studio control that can be removed for field use. These cameras may also be used handheld and their controls make that easy.

For more on how to use a production video camera, watch the video.

VUE AUDIOTECHNIK Modernizes Sound System in United Methodist Church of Vista

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untitledEstablished in 1954, The United Methodist Church of Vista (UMC Vista) has been committed to serving its community through spoken word, classic and contemporary worship services, and a music program that includes a chancel choir, praise band, hand bell choir and a developing children’s music ministry. When UMC Vista recently decided to improve the sound system in its sanctuary, they called on Sound Image to facilitate the installation of a new audio system built around VUE Audiotechnik loudspeaker systems.

VUE’s i-Class Integrator Systems proved to be the right solution for UMC Vista. Four VUE i-8 Compact Full Range Foreground Systems and two i-2×4.5 Surface-Mount Foreground Systems were hung on the ceiling between the fixtures, directed down toward the congregation seating area. The i-8s and i-2×4.5s provide consistent, even coverage across the congregation area without spilling sound toward the fixtures, causing unwanted sonic reflections.

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