Rolight secures nearly 700 Elation KL Series luminaires for Rent-All inventory 

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Rolight, the exclusive distributor of Elation products in the Netherlands, has delivered nearly 700 KL Series lighting fixtures to Rent-All, one of Europe’s top AV supply companies. The acquisition comprises 530 Elation KL Fresnel 8 FC and 160 Elation KL Fresnel 6 FC units. Renowned for their versatility and performance, these full-color LED soft lights are perfectly suited for various applications, such as broadcast studios, live entertainment, and special events. 

Rent-All ( is recognized as one of Europe’s most versatile rental companies for light, sound, video and rigging, providing a wide range of equipment for use in theater, television, concerts and exhibitions. With headquarters in Bemmel, the Netherlands, and additional offices in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Spain, Rent-All operates as a one-stop AV supplier for productions across Europe.  

The company maintains an extensive inventory of state-of-the-art equipment and continually invests in new products to meet evolving industry needs. Marijn Megens at Rent-All commented on the recent purchase, “With the KL Fresnel FC fixtures, Elation offers a multifunctional lamp that can cover a lot of different applications. Whether color or variable white light from 2400K – 8500K, they are very flexible. Also, the purchase price is good, which results in lower rental pricing for our customers.” 

Based in Enschede, the Netherlands, Rolight ( has been a trusted provider of professional lighting, video and audio equipment for over 40 years. Rolight owner Robin Eijlders underscored the close collaboration between Rolight and Rent-All in showcasing the latest Elation products. “As the Dutch distributor for Elation Professional we work closely with Rent-All to present to them the latest in Elation innovation. This purchase enables us to further our goal of supplying our customers with products that stand out in terms of quality and innovation while ensuring that Rent-All has the cutting-edge lighting needed to take their projects and events to the next level.” 

The KL Series of LED luminaires, known as the “Key Light” Series, is designed to meet the demands of light-sensitive and noise-conscious environments. These fixtures, including the KL Fresnel FC models, serve as ideal sources for key, fill, and wash lighting in various event settings. Featuring an RGBMA LED engine with zoom capabilities, the KL Fresnel FC models deliver uniform, high-CRI light while operating silently. Additionally, they come equipped with removable barn doors and a filter frame for added versatility. 

Rent-All has wasted no time in deploying its new KL Fresnel FC units, with plans to use approximately 520 fixtures for the Watches & Wonders trade show in Geneva in mid-April, with several other projects lined up for the near future.