Altman Lighting’s Genesis Lighting Control Console

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Building upon their reputation as one of the industry’s most trusted entertainment and architectural lighting manufacturers, Altman Lighting introduces the simplicity of control with Genesis. Combining the ease-ofuse of a fader-based controller with the power of an intuitive touch screen interface, the Genesis lighting console provides the programmer with a unique familiarity for the creative control of today’s complex automated and LED luminaires.

The Genesis lighting console also provides advanced programming functionality with features such as Shape FX, Chases, Fan, and Individual Cue Timing. Additionally, the powerful graphical user interface allows control of luminaire parameters via familiar icons, color picker, movement targets or touch sliders. For moving light control, pan and tilt are also controlled via the touch pad adding a fine movement control for those critical focus points. The unique animate feature provides a simple and intuitive way to quickly create chases, sequencing, and patterned attribute control within a single cue…..

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