TF Rack From Yamaha

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By Jose Rivera

Centro Christiano Restauracion Church is a dynamic, multi-cultural and multi-generational church, committed to impacting the city of Orlando, FL and the nations. We live motivated by the passion that each person be restored and achieve their purpose in God. Combining traditional and contemporary music with a lot of Latina flair and rhythm, our vision is to reach the large Latin community of east Orlando. We currently run two main services and can sit around 900 people in our main sanctuary. We have a wonderful worship team full of people from all different backgrounds, and rely heavily on using multitracks, which offers us the opportunity to add trumpets, loops, different orchestration, as well as adding different alternatives for our gear, to really make the music work well within the parameters of worship and for our community.

Being right in the middle of Orlando, our church community is incredibly savvy when it comes to what sounds good and what looks good. We are competing for attention with Disney, with Universal Studios, so researching and learning about whatever equipment a church is looking TF Rack from Yamaha BY JOSE RIVERA at bringing into their facility is really important. When I was looking to add to our audio mix, I knew I would need a tool that was compact, versatile and would deliver the crisp, clear sound our community was expecting – and that is why I added a Yamaha TF RACK to our audio mix. I chose the TF RACK because of its transparent sound, and also because it is easy to utilize with multitrack and record, which allows me to run the TF RACK as an audio interface as well. I can use the TF RACK as an audio interface, digital monitor mixer and digital snake, which make it incredibly multi-functional for our needs.

I currently run nine channels of multitrack from the TF RACK to our FOH TF Console via Dante, have the FOH engineer make a better audio mix and then send it back to me. This means I can avoid cable noise and reduce the number of analog snake cables in my stage area. The Dante virtual soundcard audio interface also allows me to conduct a virtual soundcheck and store settings, which saves time The TF can read the inputs and outputs of my DAW as well. As soon as I connected the TF RACK to my PC computer, it immediately recognized it as an audio device, which means the sound response and processing capacity I have available for playback of my sequences are impressive. I record all my vocals through the TF RACK, and the DAW records pristine sound through the main mixer. I don’t have to connect any extra cables to the FOH mixer for the two pieces of equipment to connect, so it replaces a digital snake.

In the past, we had used a personal monitor mix system for musicians to monitor their own mixes of the FOH mix, drums, SEQ, vocals, guitars, bass, keys, director and click. Now, using the TF Rack, I can receive those mixes through Dante to create my own monitor system, and assign them to channels in the TF Rack. This gives me the opportunity to create my own mix in my own area, and our musicians can use the Monitor Mix app to control their own mixes independent of FOH via the phone app.

I believe the church is really living in the best time right now, because technology has become so much more affordable and available. We can do great things houses of worship could never have imagined even 25 years ago, growing the Kingdom using technology to spread the Gospel to more people than we could have ever imagined. really incredible, and I am excited to be doing my part. excellent decision for us, because we are able to do so much with it. As a matter of fact, we are planning on adding another TF RACK for our audio streaming mix, as we are currently adding to our streaming for regular worship, kids and youth programs, and plan on expanding our streaming to meet current and future needs.