Elation Smarty Hybrid™ Now Available in IP65 Version

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With the success of the efficient Smarty Hybrid™luminaire and the increasing popularity of the Proteus range of weatherproof fixtures, Elation Professional is pleased to offer the Proteus Smarty Hybrid™. Housing the same full feature set and using the same highly-efficient Philips™ MSD Platinum 200 Flex 280W lamp (6,000 hours)as the Smarty Hybrid, the Proteus Smarty Hybrid’s IP65 dust and water protection means this compact and versatile effect can be used exposed on outdoor stages with no worries.

Designed for the wide variety of professional stage applications, the Proteus Smarty Hybrid has flexible use as a Beam, Spot or Wash luminaire with an output of 11,000 lumens. Fully sealed against dust, humidity and water ingress, the compact IP65 fixture is ideal for any outdoor environment while its impermeable properties and low maintenance design make it just as suitable for indoor use where dirt and filth can also be a problem.

Outfitted with a motorized zoomwith auto-focus, beam angle range differs in Beam and Spot mode with gobo projection focus realized from 1.0° – 18° under Beam mode and 3.0° to 27° in Spot mode. No hotspot is visible in Spot mode. The Smarty Hybrid also includes a frost filter for a PC lens-type concentrated wash, zoomable from 5° to 33°, making it a truly versatile hybrid fixture.

The‘smartly’ designed discharge lamp/ballastpackage produces an impressively high output for such a compact fixture while performance remains resourcefully economical with a lamp life of 6,000 hours. The Platinum FLEX 200 lamp is dimmable via the internal ballast, which not only dims the lamp electronically but offers a Hibernation Mode that reduces power to the lamp when not in use, resulting in lower power consumption. The lower internal heat produced extends the life of not only the lamp but all internal components of the fixture.

Plenty of design options
The IP65 fixture offers a full CMY color mixing system plus linear CTO color correction with an extra 13 dichroic colors, including UV and CTB color correction for even greater color choice and color correction options. A variety of useful graphics are housed in two gobo wheels, one with 8 rotating, interchangeable glass gobos and the other with 12 static-stamped metal gobos.

A host of effects and beam manipulation can be achieved via 8- and 16-facet independent rotating prisms anda motorized focus can be engaged for further effect.The fixture also houses a high-speed shutter for fast strobe effects (1-18fps) with smooth, full-range dimming possible all the way down to zero. Multiple CMY color, gobo, and prism macros are included for programming ease.

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