Elation Sets the Scene on Pat McGann Comedy Special

In Uncategorizedby Kristine Lutero

As a light-hearted escape from the tribulations that mark everyday life at present, online comedy shows are experiencing a resurgence of popularity. Comedian Pat McGann’s recently released special, “Sebastian Maniscalco Presents Pat McGann: When’s Mom Gonna Be Home?,” is testament to that upsurge with large viewer numbers since premiering on streaming services July 28th. Pat McGann is a fast rising stand-up comedian from Chicago whose sarcastic charm and wit have endeared him to fans across North America. In his first Comedy Dynamics original special, McGann offers his hilarious yet relatable take on family life and marriage. Shot last September at the 1000-seat Vic Theatre in Chicago, Andris Kasparovics lit two sold-out evenings using a combination of Elation Artiste Van Gogh™ and Elation Dartz 360™ LED luminaires.

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