Olive Baptist Church Branches Out Into Immersive IEM Mixing With KLANG

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Part of the Southern Baptist Convention and at 10,000 members, Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida is among the largest congregations in the region. Its main campus, one of two in the city, has always fielded a large contingent of musicians, vocalists, and praise leaders both onstage and on the main floor in front of the stage. But post-Covid, the orchestra and vocalists were spread out even wider at the front of the 3,300-seat auditorium, now split left and right on the 250-seat choir risers, with the band’s guitars, drums, and keyboards remaining onstage. The church’s in-ear monitoring system, already strained, simply couldn’t manage the new configuration. But KLANG could. In January, the church acquired and installed a pair of KLANG:vokal immersive in-ear monitor mixing systems and 14 KLANG:kontrollers, providing the church’s musical multitude with the highest degree of sonic IEM quality and control over their stage mixes.

“The previous IEM system was, well, let’s just say, ‘lo-fi,’” comments Olive Baptist Church Director of Media Production Allen Hendrix. “Once the format onstage changed, it became completely inadequate. We needed better sound quality for monitoring, but we also wanted dimensionality, because the musicians and singers are more spread out now. The KLANG system offered a way to let everyone put the instruments and the voices into a perspective onstage that was better oriented for everyone.”

FOR-A Strengthens System Offerings through Partnership with Alfalite

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FOR-A, a cutting-edge video broadcast technology company backed by more than 50 years’ experience, has expanded its offering still further through a strategic partnership with Alfalite, manufacturer of high-quality LED panels for screens and volumes. Initially the agreement allows FOR-A to market the screens in selected areas but the intention is that this will become a global arrangement.

Alfalite, based in Huelva, Spain and the only European manufacturer of LED panels, has unique technologies which allow it to produce 1.9mm pixel panels with 175˚ horizontal and vertical viewing angles, and very high brightness and color fidelity. The panels can be built into any size of LED wall or volume, creating virtual production and augmented reality spaces ideal for broadcast, corporate and educational applications.