Chief today announced that its TiLED™ Video Wall Mounting System played a pivotal role in the successful deployment of Nanolumens’ Engage dvLED display at the new AVI-SPL Dallas showroom. Nanolumens® recommended the TiLED video wall mounting system when the showroom wall could not securely support the dvLED display independently. The Chief TiLED solution ensured a safe, secure, and seamless installation of the 6×6 video wall for 163” diagonal displays, which is part of an impressive showcase that allows AVI-SPL’s clients to see the future of collaborative and hybrid workspaces.

“It’s critical that our work demonstrates the excellence of our design, engineering, and implementation services,” said Erich Schriefer, AVI-SPL’s Design Engineer. “That means ensuring that our solutions are safe, secure, and flawlessly deployed. Not unlike how we would solve a problem in the field, we were able to work with Nanolumens and Chief to ensure the display was deployed the right way. Chief’s TiLED met our high standards, providing a flexible, clean, and perfectly aligned solution that wows clients.”

Nanolumens’ display includes thin, stackable, 16:9 display cabinets that are front or rear serviceable, lightweight, energy-efficient, and eliminate dangling cables with simple snap-in and snap-out connectors. Together, the screen cabinets create a smooth, bezel-less surface of crisp and clear visuals, with deep contrast, vivid colors, and high brightness. The Chief TiLED mount enables precise adjustment and control of the X, Y, and Z axes. This adjustability ensures perfect LED display positioning with cabinet-to-cabinet alignment and compensates for wall surface imperfections. The mount facilitated such rapid deployment of Nanolumens’ dvLED video wall in the AVI-SPL showroom that what is typically a three-day process, was completed in only nine hours.

“We couldn’t believe how easy and fast the Chief TiLED solution made the integration,” said Geoffrey Berkeley, Nanolumens Regional Sales Director. “In fact, following this project and several like it, we named the Chief TiLED mount as an essential Engage display install component. TiLED handles the extremely tight tolerances of the Engage display.”

“The Chief TiLED mount adjusts the X, Y, and Z axes, enhancing the visual experience with the Nanolumens 0.9 pitch, which is a very fine pitch with little room for error,” said Derek McCluskey, Regional Brand Sales Manager for Legrand | AV. “If any of those panels are even slightly misaligned, there could be seams or cracks that could degrade the display’s resolution. With the TiLED mount, we can ensure the finest resolution a Nanolumens panel can feature.”

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