BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of visual display and collaboration solutions, today announced that West Ottawa Public Schools in Holland, Michigan, has selected and installed BenQ Boards in its K-12 classrooms across 12 schools with proceeds from the 2023 voter-approved bond proposal. The BenQ Boards were chosen following a pilot program and an early adopter phase that confirmed that the Google EDLA-certified smart boards aligned with the district’s vision for facilitating flexible learning environments that allow teachers to teach their way, supporting the district’s increased focus on project-based learning and working toward classroom transformation as outlined in the SAMR Model of technology integration.

“The BenQ Boards have been a game-changer in our learning spaces,” said Elaine Stiefel, director of instructional technology in West Ottawa Public Schools. “Our teachers can be more of the ‘guide on the side’ now instead of ‘sage on the stage.’ They’re becoming facilitators and really pushing toward those real-world skills, like problem-solving, critical thinking, creative thinking, and innovation. The BenQ Boards have the potential to truly transform our classrooms.”

Designed to provide educators the ease and freedom to teach their way, the advanced enterprise-grade BenQ Board RP04 Series not only features Google EDLA certification but also compatibility with school enterprise resource planning (ERP) ecosystems, personalized multiuser login, management solutions, and innovative classroom collaboration and engagement tools to support lessons. The BenQ RP04 Series prioritizes safety and comfort with its TÜV-certified antimicrobial screen and Eyesafe® Certified 2.0 technology, reducing germs and eye strain. Engineered for flexibility, it offers Identity Management syncing and free Device Management Solution (DMS) software for seamless user management. NFC card and QR code authentication streamline access for educators across classrooms and devices. Usability is central to the RP04 Series, featuring EZWrite 6 for interactive whiteboarding and InstaShare 2 for collaborative screen-sharing. Cloud whiteboarding fosters inclusivity by allowing remote participation. Intuitive controls, like the Floating Tool and sidebar navigation, ensure easy access to features, while front-facing ports, including USB-C and powerful speakers with an eight-microphone array, enhance the teaching and learning experience with clear communication and immersive presentations.

West Ottawa Public School District spans 69 square miles, with over 44,000 constituents and 12 schools. Following the pilot program and initial rollout, teachers experienced a significant reduction in time spent on administrative tasks and transition during and between lessons, increasing instructional time and improving teaching effectiveness and student engagement. Furthermore, the adoption of the smart boards facilitated the establishment of a robust project-based learning environment, enabling classes to connect and present with audiences outside the school through virtual meetings. Notable projects, such as student-led fundraisers and campaigns for community causes, have demonstrated the tangible impact of BenQ Boards on fostering student initiative and community engagement.

“West Ottawa Public Schools represents many districts in the nation — needing to prepare students for how they currently learn and what they need to learn to go on to college and real-world careers in the 21st century,” said Carly Burton-Sallay, senior marketing manager at BenQ Education. “But that doesn’t happen overnight. With the BenQ Board’s unique and robust set of features, educators can get started right away, teaching their way and working toward complete classroom transformation with easy-to-use classroom tools for modern learning experiences defined in the SAMR Model.”

More information on BenQ is available at For more information about West Ottawa Public Schools, please visit The full case study video is now available for viewing here.

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