This Is What a Tech-Savvy Church Looks Like

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untitledYou’ll be hard-pressed to find a churchgoer who carries a Bible to Church at the Springs on Sundays—and lead pastor Ron Sylvia doesn’t mind.

At “the Springs,” as it’s known—a multisite church based in Ocala, Fla.—most of its 3,000 or so members follow along during services with the YouVersion Bible app on their phones. Up front, Sylvia teaches from an iPad. Toss in contemporary-rock worship music, state-of-the-art LED screens, and Text to Give software (to simplify tithing), and it’s not difficult to see how the
pastor has cultivated such a following. “I don’t want people to step into a time warp to meet God,” Sylvia says. “The message will never change, but the method must. And our method is our delivery system.”

The 57-year-old pastor, a self-professed lover of numbers and technology, was studying for a bachelor’s degree in accounting when he entered the church ministry at age 21. What followed was two decades of trial and experimentation as Sylvia—moved by “a clear calling to start a contemporary church”—founded Church at the Springs in 1994.

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CHAUVET Professional Educational Session Draws Diverse Crowd

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ChurchProductionA large and diverse mix of church technicians and worship leaders from four states came to Tabernacle of Praise in suburban Atlanta to participate in an educational tech session sponsored by CHAUVET Professional and Church Production magazine. The first in what will become an ongoing series of “Church Production Live!” seminars, the event covered a variety of lighting, video and audio issues involving churches today.

Also included in the daylong session was a detailed account of Tabernacle of Praise’s experience converting from an incandescent stage lighting system to an all CHAUVET Professional LED system. Brad Lyons of dB Audio, who also serves as the tech director of the large Atlanta-area church, described how it replaced 20 incandescent stage lighting fixtures with 25 CHAUVET LED fixtures and reduced its number of 20 amp circuits from 11 to seven in the process.

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Beaverton Foursquare Upgrades with RCF

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untitledBeaverton Foursquare is a contemporary church serving the Beaverton, Oregon area for over 50 years. The church holds three services on Sundays, with an average total attendance of 4,500 weekly. The Spirit-filled church offers a worship style that is a mixture of contemporary music along with a fresh take on the great hymns of the church. To serve those needs, the facility recently reached out to Hillsboro, Oregon-based Small Town Productions for a solution.

“When we first approached the church about a system upgrade, we demonstrated the RCF HDL20-A two-way dual 10” line arrays,” says Small Town Productions owner Russell Havlik, “Heads turned and grins started beaming.

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TVUThe Archdiocese of San Antonio’s Catholic television station, CTSA (Catholic Television of San Antonio), has become the first TVU Networks’ house of worship customer to take advantage of the company’s new Facebook Live integration. Starting June 27th, the Archdiocese has been live streaming its daily Mass service over its Facebook Live account to parishioners in San Antonio and anyone else in the world looking to connect with its message.The CTSA broadcasts locally produced video content and covers off-site events such as local graduations and holiday celebrations using its TVUPack cellular 4G/LTE portable transmitter. Using the Facebook Live integration with TVUPack, the Archdiocese’s daily Mass services are streamed to the CTSA’s Facebook page:

“Adding the Facebook live component gives us a reach we could never think of achieving though traditional means,” said Dagoberto Patlan, Operations Manager, CTSA.  “The potential for viewership from Catholics from all over the world is just astounding. Not only does this serve those who are shut ins or the infirmed, but parishioners who’ve relocated from San Antonio, like serving military and college students away from home. They can now tune in either live or play the Mass back later in the day, maintaining that connection to home and to their religion. Our core mission is outreach by media channels, and the TVU Pack with Facebook integration helps us fulfill that mission – to a tee.”

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Tech, No Babel: 7 things to look for in the perfect free podcast host

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They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but what about free podcast hosts? Look for these 7 things to see if free, is actually too expensive.

Unlimited storage–If you have to delete old episodes, you’re missing out on a segment of the audience that wants all the old content and will download it all when they find it.

No preroll or in-content ads–If you are required to have ads and you lose control over the content of those ads, it could be bad news, even if the content isn’t inherently bad.

Your choice of license–What if you get permission to distribute something that you don’t own. If your free podcast host requires you to use a creative commons license, when you don’t have the right to do so (for that content you got permission to include), you could find yourself in trouble.

Full podcast feature support (including byte range requests)–There are some features that are kind of obscure, like byte-range requests, but could cause problems if you don’t have them. Make sure any free podcast host supports all the features of a podcast.

Feed portability–Your feed is your link to your audience. Make sure you can take it wherever you go at any time, for any reason. Without it, you could lose your audience because you had to or wanted to move.

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GC-Professional-logo-blk-2The Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church has been among the Houston area’s largest houses of worship for over 60 years. However, through most of that time, it was also a very analog institution, with a pair of analog consoles used for front-of-house mixing and to route audio to congregation overflow and post-production areas. As of this year, however, Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church has entered its own digital age, with the acquisition of two Studer digital consoles, purchased through Guitar Center Professional [3] (GC Pro), the business-to-business (B2B) division of Guitar Center providing highly customized service for professional accounts.

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