5 Minutes with…Barry Andrews Chief Executive Officer, QSC Audio Products, Inc.

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TFWM: What current message are you delivering to the HOW market about QSC this year?

Barry Andrews: Look at QSC with a fresh set of eyes. Over the past decade we have invested heavily to transform QSC into a systems supplier.
Houses of Worship are doing important work and those responsible for selecting and operating sound systems are faced with the challenge of making wise decisions that will serve their church well for years to come. We’re unique within the industry in our ability to help individuals and committees to be successful.

QSC has evolved into a systems supplier with a unique value proposition. Because we’re a single company, engineers in different disciplines have the opportunity to work together in an environment that encourages collaboration, quality and passion for performance. We back up these products with a deep level of service, support and commitment.

TFWM: What leading QSC products might the HOW market benefit knowing about?

BA: In the past twelve months we’ve released a number of new products of particular interest to the HOW market. We’ve added an extremely compact high performance WideLine-8 line array, a new processor the SC-28, and a new powered speaker the HPR 122i.

QSC system engineers use the power of the SC28’s FIR (finite impulse response) filters to implement Intrinsic Correction™ of the WideLine-8 loudspeakers. Intrinsic Correction is a proprietary process and suite of technologies that provide the most accurate acoustical magnitude, frequency and phase domain performance possible. It can compensate for the effects of waveguide acoustical impedance and loudspeaker cone resonance. Intrinsic Correction™ process involves measurement and engineering input at every level of the system from individual drivers through array configuration. Because every factor is measured beforehand, set up is unbelievably simple. Just dial in the number of boxes and the total splay angle. The processor will automatically call up the correct base tuning. As a result the system will be very responsive to the use of equalization to compensate for array configuration, acoustical conditions or user preferences.

TFWM: Regarding your install at Big Valley Grace Community Church in Modesto CA, what was the church’s special challenge? How did QSC resolve it?

BA: Big Valley Grace Community Church has always been conscious of the importance of a quality sound system that enriched the total experience. When it came time to upgrade we got the call. The acoustical challenge was a low ceiling and a wide room. Working with the system designers we were able to provide a WideLine system with CX amplifiers and Basis processors. Our folks worked as part of the team from system concept through implementation. Performance exceeded expectations. The designers and the congregation have been very happy with the result.

TFWM: In some of your promos, you show an amplifier or speaker being thrown from the roof of your office into the parking lot. How did you come up with that idea?

BA: Those shots were pretty wild weren’t they? They were dreamt up by Ryan White and Chris Parks and the first time management had any clue what was going on was when we saw the rough cuts of the video. We were as stunned as everyone else. Based upon our build quality the guys were confident the products could take incredible abuse and they wanted to show it in a dramatic way. From the feedback we got I’d say they succeeded. Interestingly, the video was released just before a NAMM show and the products not only survived but were used before and during the show!

TFWM: What can the HOW market look forward to seeing from QSC over the next year?

BA: While it would be premature to announce products before they are ready I think it is safe to say that we will continue to expand product offerings in all technology areas. With one of the largest and most talented R&D teams in the industry interesting new products is something people can count on from QSC.