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Prescott United Methodist Church Selects WorxAudio Line Array

Prescott UMC_43HiAfter struggling with a challenging acoustical environment and a sound-reinforcement system that couldn’t distribute sound consistently throughout all areas of their sanctuary, Prescott United Methodist Church decided enough was enough. After all, if the congregation can’t hear clearly, the message is lost. To solve the problem, church management upgraded to a line array system drawn from the TrueLine catalog of Greensboro, North Carolina-based WorxAudio Technologies, a division of PreSonus (

CSD Group, Inc., an award winning, nationally recognized Fort Wayne, Indiana, firm that provides design and installation services for audio, video, and lighting, was contracted to design and install the church’s new sound system. Working in close coordination with the WorxAudio Technologies’ engineering team, CSD president Doug Hood and his crew ultimately deployed two WorxAudio X3i-P compact, all-in-one, powered line arrays as the primary loudspeaker system.

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Roland M-5000 Launch Event in Toronto, ON


Roland invites you to come see the new M-5000 in action

Join Roland Pro A/V Canada at the International Centre as the new Roland M-5000 Live Mixing Console makes it’s Toronto Debut. Hands on demonstrations of the new O.H.R.C.A. platform allows flexibility in the console architecture so you can freely define the 128 audio paths as you wish…..Need more mixing channels, needs lots of AUXES, or Mix Minus busses? You decide…What’s more the open O.H.R.C.A. platform and expansion card slots on the M-50000 let’s you connect Dante, MADI, REAC and Waves Soundgrid digital audio devices. With audio natively running at 24bit and 96 kHz it will sound amazing with these great K&F Speaker System on hand.

Don’t miss out and RSVP Today at

March 9th, 4 pm – 9 pm

International Centre
Conference Centre
Lyra Room
6900 Airport Road
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L4V 1E8

Additional Danley Speakers Handle Seating Expansion at Life Pentecostal Church

LifeChurch_RockRun_Interior_1Life Church of Rock Run is a Pentecostal church in Joliet, Illinois with an unabashed flair for engaging, contemporary services. Outfit with drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, and plenty of spirit, Life Church rocks its message every Sunday. Knowledgeable in technical matters, the church had acquired a high-performance Danley Sound Labs sound reinforcement system but for budgetary reasons had omitted low-end from the system. Understandably, the church was keen to shore up that omission, and it timed subwoofer installation to correspond with the addition of new seating that would require additional system coverage. The church hired Chicago-based Advanced Systems & Technologies (AST) to design and install the additional coverage and to overhaul the existing system. To Life Church’s existing Danley SH-60 and SH-DFA, AST added two Danley SH-mini loudspeakers for fill, four Danley SM-100M loudspeakers for on-stage monitors, and two thundering Danley TH-115 subwoofers.

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‘Lamb Of God’ Tour Finishes Its 15th Sold Out Year

Some new faces include Allen & Heath’s ME-1 personal mixer

BenShiveME1The creation of Singer/Songwriter Andrew Peterson, ‘Behold The Lamb of God’ recently completed its annual tour in grand style with a sold out concert at Nashville’s majestic Ryman Auditorium. A unique concert that begins with all musicians seated in a circle sharing stories about a particular song’s inspiration, then performing it with each other. This ‘circle of songs’ is repeated twice then followed by a start-to-finish performance of Peterson’s folk music styled retelling of the life of Christ in the concert’s second half. “This is a community effort, we all do this tour with our unique gifts – it’s about the synergy of talents and songs” shares Harold Rubens, FOH Engineer for the ‘Lamb of God Tour’ now in his fifth year at the audio helm. “We start rehearsals a few days after Thanksgiving, two days before we open our first show” says Rubens. “Most of our Artists come from Christian Music, some from non-HOW bands as well.” Rubens adds. The ‘Lamb of God’ Tour has attracted some of the highest profile singers and musicians over the years including Alison Krauss, Steven Curtis Chapman, John Foreman and David Wilcox.

The tour travels the mid west and southern states of the US during December with sixteen stops leading up to the concert at the Ryman. During the tour the band consists of 11 musicians including Peterson.

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Countryman Associates Debuts I2 Instrument Microphone

12Instrument_Mic_HiThe new I2 Instrument Microphone has been engineered from the ground up for smooth frequency response, low noise, and precise polar patterns with deep nulls and natural on- and off-axis response. Their combination of small size and sonic precision makes them ideal for X-Y, M-S, and other techniques that rely on accurate coincident positioning and consistent patterns. Their tiny size makes them perfect for distance miking that is invisible on camera. Flexible new close miking techniques are aided by Countryman’s new line of instrument mounts, which are designed to mount securely and gently to many different instruments.

Paragon 360 Calls On CHAUVET Professional To Help In Top-To-Bottom Church Renovation

Chauvet-2Emmanuel Baptist Pastor Wade Burleson described the results of Paragon 360’s recent renovation project at his church by saying “Paragon hit a homerun with this one.”  To extend the baseball analogy a step further, one impressive result of that renovation is that Emmanuel Baptist can now make the transition from a traditional service with a choir to a band-led contemporary service in about the same time it takes Major League teams to complete one inning of play.

Springfield, MO-based Paragon 360 accomplished this feat at the 35-year old-church by adding new architectural elements and upgrading the audio, video and rigging system, in addition to installing an impressive collection of lighting fixtures from CHAUVET Professional. As a result of these changes (and the hard work of church staff ) Emmanuel Baptist is now able to change its sanctuary space from a traditional to a contemporary worship area in 20 minutes. (The average inning takes 18.3 minutes according to Major League Baseball.)

The ability to make this smooth transition quickly was important to Emmanuel Baptist, in part because of the growing popularity of its contemporary service, which was being held in a smaller venue.  Creating a single worship area that could reach the young and the unchurched, while still remaining welcoming to congregation members seeking a more traditional service, was of paramount importance to church leaders. Additionally, the church wanted to create a smaller modular choir loft to replace the oversized wooden platforms from its original construction.

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Highland Park Baptists Church Chooses Danley Speakers and Ashly Processing and Amps

HighlandPark_Church_InteriorAs it approached its hundred-year anniversary as a congregation, Highland Park Baptist Church in Columbia, Tennessee sought to revamp its four hundred-seat sanctuary. It hired Church Interiors of High Point, North Carolina to help design and organize the work, which included structural and aesthetic improvements, as well as a new Sharp/Extron video system based around three huge LED screens and a cutting-edge sound reinforcement system. Now, Danley Sound Labs horn-loaded loudspeakers and subwoofers deliver musical and highly intelligible sound, with power and processing supplied by rock-solid Ashly Audio amplifiers and digital signal processors. The sound system is zero compromise, exceeding Highland Park’s hopes for fidelity and quality while still meeting their budgetary requirements.

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The Digital/Analog Debate

by Bryan Cole

Focusrite_Console_02-300x199I almost titled this “sparring with signal path…”  The sides of this debate are both pretty set in their views, and much like sports rivals, the viewpoints expressed by each side can be, shall we say, very impassioned!

In my world, I almost exclusively place digital consoles, due to the amount of processing and routing that is available at the digital price point. We are now seeing small format digital consoles selling at the cost of their analog brethren – and since I’m always searching for value, Digital often shows up as the value leader. Value takes so many things into account; Price, usability, durability, sonic quality, environment, etc. If you choose one of those things and make it the supreme goal, you may very well come out with an all analog signal chain as a requirement – it’s not always a “cut and dry” sonic decision.

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Featured Product

Point Source Audio – CM-i3 Intercom Headset

Point Source Audio (PSA) is proud to announce the official unveiling of the CM-i3 Intercom Headset—strategically designed to deliver an unparalleled combination of noise isolation, lightweight comfort and earphone modularity. The CM-i3’s binaural in-earphones solve the challenges of high-noise environments by reducing noise and increasing audio intelligibility better than monaural headsets. The CM-i3 earphones are extremely lightweight but are also functional for switching between three listening modes—left, right, or left and right —without having to remove or adjust the entire headset.

MSRP: Regularly priced at $400 MSRP, the CM-i3 is being offered at a limited-time introductory price of $289 through March 31, 2015 at select retailers


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