Cokesbury United Methodist  Church Keep Timeless Message Current with CHAUVET

CUMC’s state-of-the-art broadcasting capabilities includes new LEDs

Cokesbury2Steeped in the timeless traditions of faith and charity, Cokesbury United Methodist Church touches the lives of people in the Knoxville area with an active volunteer organization involving some 400 congregation members, food drives, a recovery program and other outreach activities. At the same time, though, Cokesbury is also a very modern, forward-looking mega church with three distinct campuses that draw over 3,500 worshipers every week, ministering to them with a blend of traditional and contemporary services; the latter offering “the freedom to worship God with your hands raised, your dancing shoes on and a heart ready to be drawn into His presence.”

In keeping with its commitment to reaching worshippers in today’s high-tech world, Cokesbury has state-of-the-art broadcasting capabilities for live streaming services two days a week, and outstanding audio systems throughout all three campuses — and most recently — a new LED lighting system, designed by Ken (“KP”) Patterson of A Tennessee Lighting Company in Knoxville.

Featuring a variety of LED fixtures from CHAUVET Professional and CHAUVET DJ, the new lighting design gives Cokesbury Church the flexibility to go from soft accents to dramatic visual effects for the varied mix of traditional and contemporary services held at (and broadcast from) its three campuses, all while enjoying the energy and cost savings benefits associated with LED technology.

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Who Won the GoPro Hero 3+ from our Survey?

GoProWinnerThe results from our reader survey are in, and we have a winner!

Donald Johnson, from the First Baptist Church in Beckley, WV, is the lucky recipient of a GoPro Hero 3+ with a telescopic handheld monopod tripod.  Johnson, who works in Audio, Video and Worship Presentation at First Baptist, was excited to learn he had won, saying,   “Thanks to you and TFWM for this survey and prize. I can’t wait to use this with our worship team and others on the weekend!”

Over the next several months, there will be more surveys and more opportunities to win great prizes for your church.  Make sure to visit our site regularly and follow us on twitter so you don’t miss out!

Congratulations Don!  We know First Baptist will put the GoPro to great use.

How to Use Satellite to Link Remote Locations

Why multisite campuses need a LIVE video via satellite solution

by Karen Johnson

LCBCsatYour ministry has responded to the call to have a greater impact on the local community by becoming a church with multiple locations. However, effectively connecting these campuses through teaching and worship is a big challenge.

Ministry leaders must evaluate many options to determine how best to deliver their teaching pastor’s message to the other sites. Choices include DVD’s or hard-discs transported by car, land-based data connections, or satellite.

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Florida Baptist Church Converts (A/D) with Symetrix

Trinity_Baptist_ChurchThe sound system at Trinity Baptist Church in Ocala, Florida is quite sophisticated for a sanctuary that seats approximately 800 congregants. It delivers left-center-right imaging to nearly every seat from multiple loudspeaker positions, including six time-delayed left-center-right zones that cover the areas farthest from the pulpit. This system was installed by Pro Sound & Video in 2004 and although the loudspeakers and amplifiers have held up well, the original DSP processing system that performed the complex routing and filtering did not. Florida-based Pro Sound & Video, Inc. replaced the original processing system with two Symetrix Radius 12×8 Dante™ network audio DSPs and augmented their sixteen combined outputs with two SymNet xOut 12 audio output expansion boxes. All of the units network seamlessly via Dante and replace all of the old analog processing, with plenty of processing power to spare for improvements.

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AVB for Live Production and Houses of Worship

This year, the first AVnu-certified AVB (Audio Video Bridging) equipment was announced and now a new generation of networked audio and video devices is being introduced and deployed in houses of worship. The new gear, and more importantly the interconnecting network, offers important benefits for church installations – ranging from small, single room applications to large multi-room installations. This equipment promises flexible deployment, simple management and true multi-vendor interoperability, making facility upgrades easier than ever before.

The AVnu Alliance and AVB – A Brief Primer

by Greg Kopchinski, AVnu Alliance member

The AVnu Alliance is the first industry forum to lead the adoption of streaming audio and video with standards-based IEEE 802.1 Ethernet networking technologies. The non-profit organization strives to create an open path to Audio Video Bridging standards (commonly called AVB), define AVB compliance test procedures, and an AVnu certification program that ensures AVB interoperability of networked A/V devices to provide the highest quality streaming experience in professional A/V, automotive, and consumer applications to deliver a compelling end user experience.

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How to Specify Intercoms for your HoW

Technologies for Worship’s 2nd Annual How-To issue will be released shortly – in the meantime, here’s just a taste of what you can expect…

by Patti Gunnell

AcrobatWirelessBeltpacksThe real challenge to specifying an intercom system is to think outside of the box. Depending on the user’s production sophistication and application, there’s very little that you can’t integrate into a modern intercom system. Here are some of the questions that should come up when evaluating your intercom needs.

How many positions before an intercom system is really needed? It’s not about how many but how far away. You need some sort of intercom system for just two people if they’re a significant distance from each other.

How big is the task? How experienced are you with intercoms? What are you using now? How long have you owned their existing system? Are you aware of the advances in technology and do you understand them? Do you understand the importance of an intercom system? How much budget is available?

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How to Overcome Closed Caption Challenges

Technologies for Worship’s 2nd Annual How-To issue will be released shortly – in the meantime, here’s just a taste of what you can expect…

by Colin Blake

ccThe U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) long ago began enacting laws to address captions, and other government entities around the world have done the same. In the U.S., the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act regulates closed captioning for anyone broadcasting content to viewers in the United States, whether by standard over-the-air distribution or over IP. A more recent FCC ruling took captions into the Internet realm, saying that TV networks and video websites must provide closed captions for any TV content available online. The ruling means that, with certain exceptions, any video content that has aired on TV must also have closed captions when streamed online. FCC regulations have also evolved to include requirements for caption correctness, completeness, and timing, and pending review are additional regulations for any video clip being distributed over a streaming service.

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Featured Product

04_DXA-POCKET Adapter copyBeachtek new DXA-POCKET

Beachtek announces its new DXA-POCKET compact audio adapter for capturing professional audio on DSLR cameras and camcorders. Ideal for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. The innovative design is very simple to set up and use. Exceptionally low noise preamplifiers provide clean, wide bandwidth audio for full rich sound. Dual trim controls and VU meters make it easy to set the precise recording levels for optimum results. Available on Sept 26th for $249.

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  • LED vs Projection
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  • How to Save Money and Stop Buying Batteries
  • Choosing and Using the Right Keyboard
  • Simplifying Connections with Dante at Rio Rancho United Methodist
  • What Does Dante Mean for HoW


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