DPA Microphones Announces Trade-Up to d:fine Promo

DPA Microphones_dfine Headset Microphone

DPA, Inc., the U.S. arm of DPA Microphones, is pleased to announced a new trade-up rebate program for its d:fine™ Headset Microphones. Participants will receive a $100 mail-in rebate for every purchase of select d:fine Headset Microphones, provided they additionally trade-in a competitor headset. The promotion is only valid on purchases made from an authorized U.S. dealer between July 28, 2014 and October 3, 2014.

The DPA d:fine Headset Microphones raise the bar for head-worn microphone solutions. Offering industry-leading sound quality, the mics are ideal for singers, public speakers, actors, musicians, house of worship leaders and broadcast professionals who insist on superior voice reproduction, comfort, ease of setup and a discreet look. They are available as both directional and omnidirectional mics, with single- and dual-ear mounts, to cover a broad range of applications. They are also available in black, brown and beige with a variety of boom lengths and adapters for every professional wireless system.

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NUAGE Road Tour and Nuendo Masterclass at RSPE Audio Solutions

Nuage Master_front lowA Yamaha NUAGE Demo and Nuendo Masterclass will be held by top Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems and Steinberg engineers and hosted by RSPE Audio Solutions on Tuesday, August 5, 2014 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at 4130 Cahuenga Blvd. #210, Universal City, CA. The event is free of charge.

A joint collaboration between Yamaha and Steinberg, the NUAGE Advanced Production System is the brainchild of workflow efficient hardware and Nuendo 6 software operating together in perfect harmony. Offering unprecedented productivity and flexibility as well as premium audio quality in an innovative design, NUAGE is making waves across the world.

David Lees and Marcel Mauceri from Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc. will be on hand to demonstrate the new Yamaha NUAGE production system along with a Nuendo masterclass presented by Steinberg’s Greg Ondo discussing the latest news, tips and tricks in Nuendo. Plus get hands on with Yamaha’s Nuage, the dedicated, scalable, DAW control surface/recording mixer for Nuendo.

Spots are limited so registration is required.

Christ Chapel Looks Up to L-ACOUSTICS

Electro Acoustics specifies and installs four-array KARAi/SB18i rig for main sanctuary

Christ Chapel Bible Church knows sound. The 30-year-old church in Ft. Worth has steadily expanded since it was founded in 1984, adding new buildings to its evolving main campus and recently opening a satellite location, and all of the main venues have state-of-the-art sound systems from a number of iconic brands.

Like many contemporary houses of worship, Christ Chapel Bible Church recognizes that delivering a powerful message requires a sound system that can offer utter clarity for the spoken word and clear, clean sound for a strong music program. In order to achieve all this and stay at the forefront of sound system technology for its main sanctuary, Christ Chapel Bible Church chose to purchase and install an L-ACOUSTICS KARAi line source array system – the version of KARA specifically tailored for the fixed install market.

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Haivision Announces the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Video Streaming Solution Suite for Multi-Site Church and Online Faith Organizations

DVR_Diagram_3New Haivision Connect DVR service brings together multi-site churches with time-shifted multi-screen broadcasts

Haivision today announced its complete suite of streaming solutions that extend, unify, preserve and enhance the worship experience by connecting churches, ministries, congregations and people with the highest quality multi-site and online video streaming.

Haivision Solutions and Services Suite for Houses of Worship
Hundreds of church organizations, like Church of Champions, Church of the Highlands, Sugar Creek Baptist Church, Elevation Church and International House of Prayer, rely on Haivision’s solutions and services to expand their ministries’ reach to online audiences and connect their multisite congregations with high-quality HD video for a shared worship experience.

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Educational Training at Church Media U

Church Media UChurch Media U is a one-day seminar for HoW media volunteers and pro’s that tours the country helping to equip churches to understand and use their visual media technology better.

Changes in projection technology, lighting and content development have created a huge opportunity that the HoW have only just begun to tap. It is more affordable than ever to literally transform a room into a truly sacred-feeling place as we lift eyes, voices and hearts in worship to God. It is also easier than ever to create a lot of visual noise that distracts from the purpose of ministry.
Church Media U wants to help you embrace the one and avoid the other.

The two questions they hear most are these: What equipment hardware and software does our church need now? And/or: Now that we’ve got all of this awesome equipment, what in the world should we do with it?

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Projection Mapping Primer

Excerpt from: The Book of Transformations, from Christie


Great projection mapping projects are the successful combination of powerful ideas and compelling structures, the right technologies, experienced, skilled people and creative work that make audiences stare in wonder.

Getting started requires an understanding of the stakeholders, technologies and operating demands, as well as how to think beyond a structure or object as a screen, and develop a big idea and plan that has a lasting impact.

Defining the key players
There are many players who are involved in conceptualizing, creating and appreciating stunning projection mapping displays. The following are some of the groups that come together for a typical installation, but this may vary depending on the project…

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A Dozen Tips to Better Church Sound & Team Work

by Hector La Torre
RhemaChoose Wisely: Ready to upgrade or purchase a new sound system? Make sure always to check credentials when choosing sound contractor-installers or equipment dealers. Are they really experienced audio professionals or inexperienced A-V salespeople in sheep’s clothing? How much professional experience do they have? Does your equipment dealer offer service and assistance or just a lower price? Choose a qualified local sound contractor whenever possible. Ask for contact information of other church clients, and make sure you attend other churches where the contractor has installed systems. It’s all about due diligence and good financial stewardship.

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Daktronics 4mm Indoor LED Video Display

4mm-Black-Package-frontAngleThe ultimate indoor display solution, Daktronics 4 mm LED video display sets the benchmark for unparalleled contrast and unmatched color fidelity. Housed in a thin, aesthetically-pleasing design, the Daktronics Black-Package display solution takes the wide viewing angles, exceptional brightness and precise image reproduction of premium 3-in-1 SMD (surface-mount device) LED technology and wraps it all into a full black LED display solution to ensure eye-catching contrast and display performance—even in the most demanding interior viewing scenarios.


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