How to Use Satellite to Link Remote Locations

Why multisite campuses need a LIVE video via satellite solution

by Karen Johnson

LCBCsatYour ministry has responded to the call to have a greater impact on the local community by becoming a church with multiple locations. However, effectively connecting these campuses through teaching and worship is a big challenge.

Ministry leaders must evaluate many options to determine how best to deliver their teaching pastor’s message to the other sites. Choices include DVD’s or hard-discs transported by car, land-based data connections, or satellite.

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VOLKS|LICHT Spot at Tomoka Christian Church

TomokaChristianChurch1.PhotoCreditBrendanErazo(1280x720)The Tomoka Christian Church, near Daytona Beach, Florida, recently carried out a major technical upgrade to its new sanctuary, which included eight of GLP’s new VOLKS|LICHT Spots and six impression X4 moving heads — supplied by distributors, AC Lighting.

According to AC’s Fred Mikeska, this was the result of AC Lighting’s long relationship with the church’s audio visual contractor, Nate Mudge (president of system contractors and dealers Nateco) and followed a successful GLP fixture demo at last year’s InfoComm trade show in Florida.

While the Church’s Technical Director, Shane Stanton, was already familiar with the GLP brand, he admits that this was the first time he had investigated their fixtures at close quarters.

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AVB for Live Production and Houses of Worship

This year, the first AVnu-certified AVB (Audio Video Bridging) equipment was announced and now a new generation of networked audio and video devices is being introduced and deployed in houses of worship. The new gear, and more importantly the interconnecting network, offers important benefits for church installations – ranging from small, single room applications to large multi-room installations. This equipment promises flexible deployment, simple management and true multi-vendor interoperability, making facility upgrades easier than ever before.

The AVnu Alliance and AVB – A Brief Primer

by Greg Kopchinski, AVnu Alliance member

The AVnu Alliance is the first industry forum to lead the adoption of streaming audio and video with standards-based IEEE 802.1 Ethernet networking technologies. The non-profit organization strives to create an open path to Audio Video Bridging standards (commonly called AVB), define AVB compliance test procedures, and an AVnu certification program that ensures AVB interoperability of networked A/V devices to provide the highest quality streaming experience in professional A/V, automotive, and consumer applications to deliver a compelling end user experience.

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Audix Mics Serve Athey Creek

AtheyCreekTechsWebAthey Creek is a non-denominational Christian church in Wilsonville, OR that serves a diverse community. As such, they need to provide worship experiences that are appropriate and meaningful to a wide variety of parishioners. Athey’s technical team has to be prepared for any number of service scenarios and miking strategies, and Audix provides the solutions they need.

Head Technical Director Tim Miller and Assistant Technical Director Ryan Shrout were kind enough to share some thoughts on how they go about their work using Audix mics:

“My wife and I attended Athey Creek for a few years before the need for a full-time tech director arose,” says Tim. “When the church began looking for help, I volunteered for a season, which eventually turned into a full-time job. My background is as a musician, but I really cut my teeth at Athey on the technical side of sound. Bringing both the musical and technical sides to the table helped to understand miking and mixing.”

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How to Specify Intercoms for your HoW

Technologies for Worship’s 2nd Annual How-To issue will be released shortly – in the meantime, here’s just a taste of what you can expect…

by Patti Gunnell

AcrobatWirelessBeltpacksThe real challenge to specifying an intercom system is to think outside of the box. Depending on the user’s production sophistication and application, there’s very little that you can’t integrate into a modern intercom system. Here are some of the questions that should come up when evaluating your intercom needs.

How many positions before an intercom system is really needed? It’s not about how many but how far away. You need some sort of intercom system for just two people if they’re a significant distance from each other.

How big is the task? How experienced are you with intercoms? What are you using now? How long have you owned their existing system? Are you aware of the advances in technology and do you understand them? Do you understand the importance of an intercom system? How much budget is available?

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How to Overcome Closed Caption Challenges

Technologies for Worship’s 2nd Annual How-To issue will be released shortly – in the meantime, here’s just a taste of what you can expect…

by Colin Blake

ccThe U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) long ago began enacting laws to address captions, and other government entities around the world have done the same. In the U.S., the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act regulates closed captioning for anyone broadcasting content to viewers in the United States, whether by standard over-the-air distribution or over IP. A more recent FCC ruling took captions into the Internet realm, saying that TV networks and video websites must provide closed captions for any TV content available online. The ruling means that, with certain exceptions, any video content that has aired on TV must also have closed captions when streamed online. FCC regulations have also evolved to include requirements for caption correctness, completeness, and timing, and pending review are additional regulations for any video clip being distributed over a streaming service.

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Maximizing Video Production Efficiency and Productivity for Houses of Worship

Technologies for Worship’s 2nd Annual How-To issue will be released shortly – in the meantime, here’s just a taste of what you can expect…

by Rush Beesley
It’s widely accepted that digital technology has eclipsed analog functionality at all levels of television production and playback. A “tapeless” operations infrastructure not only eliminates maintenance and associated media costs of VCRs; it also allows you to streamline your operations workflow by using digital file creation, transfer, storage and retrieval in television production, post-production and scheduled file playback (automation).

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New Technologies for Powering Today’s HoW

Technologies for Worship’s 2nd Annual How-To issue will be released shortly – in the meantime, here’s just a taste of what you can expect…
Best Practices for Worship Spaces of Any Size

 By Alan Tschirner

Audio, video, and lighting technology is continuing to evolve, presenting houses of worship with exciting new opportunities to transform their facilities into more captivating spaces for services or any other congregation-related activities. But in order to fully embrace the market’s newest sound and lighting advances, churches have a lot to consider in terms of power distribution and electrical support for LED lighting systems, video walls, projection solutions, sound systems, and much more.

In this article, we’ll describe some best practices for implementing today’s most exciting A/V and lighting technologies in small, medium, and large worship spaces.

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Featured Product

Entasys212andEntasys203atSt.Augustine'sChurchENTASYS from Community

ENTASYS, Community’s three-way column, is an attractive, high-performance loudspeaker that delivers highly-intelligible voice and natural-sounding music in reverberant houses of worship, gymnasiums, theaters and other applications.

ENTASYS 200, Community’s two-way columns, complement ENTASYS with models designed for front-of-house, short-throw and fill applications. Available in black or white and offered with a variety of optional mounting brackets, all ENTASYS models are weather-resistant for outdoor applications.

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