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New Stanton United Methodist Church upgrades with Good Sounds

NewStanton_43SmAt New Stanton United Methodist Church, worshippers can expect to find engaging messages based on the Bible, worship that is full of energy, and helpful people to assist all who enter this House of Worship. With a variety of ministries designed to ‘speak’ to worshippers of all ages, quality sound plays a vital role in the church’s offerings. To ensure that all members of the congregation would be able to hear clearly in their brand new sanctuary and gain the full value of the church’s teachings, New Stanton United Methodist Church recently invested in a sound reinforcement (SR) system drawn from the catalog of Greensboro, NC-based WorxAudio® Technologies (, a division of PreSonus® Audio Electronics (

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A Tennessee Lighting Company Brings Young Looks To Big Emory Baptist With Ovation E-910FC

Big EmoryAs an experienced lighting designer/installer who has brought the benefits of LED systems to numerous churches, Ken (KP) Patterson is accustomed to getting letters from tech directors and pastors thanking him for introducing their house of worship to this new technology. However, even Patterson wasn’t prepared for the response he received after installing the Ovation E-910FC ERS style LED fixture from CHAUVET Professional at Big Emory Baptist Church.

“The church sent me a letter signed by about 30 people glowing with their amazement at what the lights can do,” said Patterson. “Having gone from virtually no lighting system to something as modern and powerful, E-910FC was truly a quantum leap for them all.”

For Patterson, the letter was especially gratifying, because aside from enhancing services for church members, the new lighting system he installed also helped Big Emory Baptist take a major step toward achieving its goal of attracting more young worshippers. “This is a fairly large and modern church, but it’s a rural facility without the latest technology,” he explained. “The church is making a concerted effort to change and draw more young people.”

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Christian Assembly Church Powers Audio with Shure Wireless

unnamedChristian Assembly Church in Los Angeles, Calif., first began as a small prayer group of Italians during the Azusa Street Revival Movement in the early 1900s. Since its establishment, the church has been focused on promoting a welcoming and open place for everyone in the community and has grown considerably over the years, with close to 3,000 worshippers attending services each week. The current church was built in 1976, and by 2010, was due for a major renovation project, including a completely new suite of wireless systems and microphones. For the audio overhaul, Dirk Bolle, IT/Tech support specialist, turned to the Shure UHF-R® Wireless System and KSM8 Dualdyne™ Vocal Microphones to ensure consistent and flawless performances from the worship leader and vocalists.

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Lawo RƎLAY Virtual Radio Mixer Now Shipping


Lawo raised eyebrows and drew plenty of attention in Las Vegas with the introduction of RƎLAY Virtual Radio Mixer software at NAB 2016. So much attention in fact, that RƎLAY won a “Best Of Show” award for introducing broadcasters to the advantages of virtualizing radio studio technology.

RƎLAY is virtual mixing software that’s designed to make maximum use of today’s powerful laptop and desktop PCs. Taking advantage of computer virtualization technology adapted from the IT industry enables RƎLAY users to pack an entire studio’s worth of broadcast gear onto a single PC.

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TVUThe Archdiocese of San Antonio’s Catholic television station, CTSA (Catholic Television of San Antonio), has become the first TVU Networks’ house of worship customer to take advantage of the company’s new Facebook Live integration. Starting June 27th, the Archdiocese has been live streaming its daily Mass service over its Facebook Live account to parishioners in San Antonio and anyone else in the world looking to connect with its message.The CTSA broadcasts locally produced video content and covers off-site events such as local graduations and holiday celebrations using its TVUPack cellular 4G/LTE portable transmitter. Using the Facebook Live integration with TVUPack, the Archdiocese’s daily Mass services are streamed to the CTSA’s Facebook page:

“Adding the Facebook live component gives us a reach we could never think of achieving though traditional means,” said Dagoberto Patlan, Operations Manager, CTSA.  “The potential for viewership from Catholics from all over the world is just astounding. Not only does this serve those who are shut ins or the infirmed, but parishioners who’ve relocated from San Antonio, like serving military and college students away from home. They can now tune in either live or play the Mass back later in the day, maintaining that connection to home and to their religion. Our core mission is outreach by media channels, and the TVU Pack with Facebook integration helps us fulfill that mission – to a tee.”

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Translation Services Survey for Houses of Worship

If your House of Worship is currently offering translation of services or thinking of doing so, we are very interested in hearing from you!  Please fill out the below survey and let us know your thoughts about this topic.  Your opinions will help drive future editorial in Technologies for Worship Magazine!

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Washington Professional To Present Yamaha RIVAGE PM10 Digital Audio Console and Advanced Mixing Techniques

Yamaha RIVAGE PM10Greg Lukens of Washington Professional and Jose Perez of Yamaha Professional Audio will hold three, two-hour presentations on the new Yamaha RIVAGE PM10 Digital Audio Console on Wednesday, August 10, 2016. The event is free of charge and open to all.

The sessions will be held in the clinic room at Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center at 10:00 am, 1:30 pm, and 6:30 pm. The address is 11151 Viers Mill Road, Wheaton MD. Telephone: 301-942-6800.

Topics to be covered in the sessions include: an ‘ears on’ audition of the PM10 and its family of onboard plug-ins, an exploration of Rupert Neve Designs SILK control, and how to build ‘super channels’ by stacking Rupert Neve Designs plug-ins in the channel’s signal path.

Advanced mixing techniques include: parallel compression, side chain compression and gating; reverb tone shaping; the advantages of Yamaha’s ultra-low latency plug-in implementation; and an overview of the console design and configurations.

RSVP to Greg Lukens at

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Light It Up app from Technologies for Worship

LightItUp-logoNow Available on Apple iTunes and Google Play

With hundreds of lighting manufacturers featured, Light It Up! offers complete searchability for all types of lighting fixtures, lighting consoles and special effects all in one place. You will no longer need to spend hours scouring the internet for the products and manufacturers you want – Light It Up! does it all for you.

Our easy to navigate interface allows users to specify types of fixtures and manufacturers and provides full specifications for each piece of gear, including full-color photos, complete descriptions, specifications, DMX channels, and where to purchase. Light it Up! also includes a growing list of Resellers and Integrators who can help your facility pScreenshot_2016-02-10-10-25-23lan your future lighting needs.

Whether you are a professional lighting designer or someone just learning about theatrical lighting, regular updates to our comprehensive database means Light It Up! is always up-to-date and ready to meet your needs.


• Comprehensive product databases for lighting fixtures, lighting consoles and special effects equipment
• Search categories include: all or specific manufacturers, LED or non-LED fixtures, active and discontinued products, types of fixtures (fresnels, spots, etc.)
• Product searches include color photos, descriptions, specifications, DMX, Media and Where to buy
• View videos, reviews and other media for different products, where available
• Access a growing list of resellers and integrators, including contact information and website links direct to the company
• Comprehensive Glossary of lighting terms

Download if for free from iTunes:

Download it for free from Google Play:

Featured Product

GPS-8Dual Purpose Personal Monitor/PA System from Galaxy Audio

Galaxy Audio a leader in Pro Audio solutions introduces the GPS-8 full range personal monitor and PA system. The Galaxy Audio GPS-8 packs a huge sound while remaining compact and versatile. The GPS-8 is a powered, 200 watt, two-way, compact PA speaker with an 8″ woofer, 1″ compression driver and a frequency response of 75-Hz to 17.5 MHz. A unique asymmetrical shape allows for wedge placement or pole mounting. GPS-8 includes a Bass Boost feature which enhances low end.

Street Price: GPS-8 – $199.00