Yamaha CIS Expands Award-Winning VXC Speaker Lineup, Adds SWP2 Network Switches at ISE 2019

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BUENA PARK, Calif. – ¾In response to customer demand, Yamaha has expanded its multi-award winning Yamaha Commercial Installation Solutions (CIS) VXC loudspeaker line up to include the new VXC2F 2.5” full-range, low profile in-ceiling speaker and the new VXC8S subwoofer. Featuring a smart design with safety and faster installation in mind, the VXC2F is the slimmest, most compact model in the Yamaha VXC Series. The new VXC2F with its bass reflex design includes a 2.5” full-range driver with a frequency range of67Hz–20kHz (-10dB, 2π), a power rating of 30W (PGM) with a nominal impedance of8Ω. The VXC2F features a low profile back can (~3-inches tall) for easier deployment in and around conduit and ductwork. Weighing in just over 4 pounds, the speaker has an optional PK-C4 pendant-mount kit enabling deployment in open grid ceilings.

The new VXC8S 8” band-pass in-ceiling subwoofer features superb low-end frequency response and the same easy installation characteristics as the current VXC Series speakers. With a frequency range of 44Hz-280Hz(-10dB, 2π), the new subwoofer has power rating of 200W (PGM) with a nominal impedance of 8Ω. Weighing in at 18.7 pounds, the new subwoofer, like the existing VXC Series speakers, featuresanti-drop tabs that securely holds the subwoofer in place and double threaded screws on the dog-ears allowing the installer to complete the job safely and efficiently.

Both enclosures feature Lo-Z & Hi-Z (switchable) deployment capabilities,

  • low saturation transformers for improved audio performance when used in constant voltage applications, and optional tile-rail mounting kit. All VXC models are available in black or white (paintable) finish.

The new SWP2 Series network switches are the newest member of the Yamaha family of network switches.  The SWP2 Series offers the same rugged construction found in its SWP1 siblings, but increases the fiber uplink speed to 10Gbps.  This makes them ideal for use with high-resolution (96kHz) and high-capacity Dante®audio network applications as well as the new Dante AV video applications on the horizon. The SWP2-10MMF is a multi-mode network switch that allows for transmission distances of up to 300 meters, while the single-mode SWP2-10SMF can cover distances of up to 10 kilometers. With straightforward setup, rugged connectivity and legendary Yamaha reliability, SWP2 Series network switches are designed to provide the optimum environment for any audio network application.

For more information on the new VXC2F speaker, VXC8S subwoofer, and the new SWP2 Series network switches, visit usa.yamaha.com/products/proaudio