RUSHWORKS introduces REMO Lite Integrated PTZ Remote Production System

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REMOLITERwithTPRUSHWORKS, Texas-based provider of low cost, high performance television production, automation and presentation capture and streaming systems, has added a smaller, lighter configuration of its popular REMO Integrated PTZ Remote Production System to its versatile solutions folio.

The size of a briefcase, REMO Lite weighs just 20 pounds, with a 17” touch screen interface. It has four analog or SDI inputs, and includes a padded rolling case with extension handle. REMO Lite joins big brother REMO PRO 48, configured in a similar but larger chassis with a built-in 22” touch screen, with support for up to eight analog or SDI inputs.

“With the dramatic rise in remote content production from all sectors, we’ve enhanced the ability to set up and strike very quickly”, said Rush Beesley, President of RUSHWORKS. “We’ve made REMO smaller and lighter, while adding several additional features and functions. But sophisticated PTZ control remains our greatest strength.”

Both REMO Lite and REMO Pro 48 include all three of RUSHWORKS’ production interfaces: CLASSIC, PRODUCER and TalkingPoints™, providing a level of versatility and flexibility unmatched in the industry. The software engine includes on-screen display of all input sources, Preview and Program windows, DSK window, virtual switcher display, and over a dozen video transitions and effects such as Picture-in-Picture, double box and Chroma-key.

The TalkingPoints interface is also available as a standalone Presentation Recording and Streaming System with an easy software upgrade path that adds the CLASSIC and PRODUCER interfaces.

The system records MPEG-2 or H.264, and simultaneously streams using the on-board Flash Media Live Encoder. Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements are also included, providing a turnkey portable solution with everything a producer needs for high-quality, multi-camera remote production and post-production.

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