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CHAUVET Professional’s Compact COLORdash Accent Quad Is Ideal For Creating RGBA Washes In Tight Spaces

COLORdash Accent QuadWhen big, bold color is needed in small, cramped spaces, CHAUVET Professional’s COLORdash Accent Quad provides the perfect solution.  A mini RGBA par-style wash fixture, the COLORdash Accent Quad is about as big as the palm of your hand — yet it’s more akin to a prize fighter’s fist in its ability to deliver a knockout punch of color to tight locations.

Powered by a 10-watt Quad-Color (red, green, blue, amber) LED, with an impressive output of 140 lux @ 5 meters, the COLORdash Accent Quad can create a limitless spectrum of brilliant saturated colors and vibrant true pastels.  Smooth, evenly mixed RGBA color blending can be done manually in standalone mode or via a DMX controller. The versatile fixture features a variety of DMX channel profiles (4-. 6- or 10-channel) to accommodate both simple and complex programming needs.

Another very convenient feature, not typically found on a unit the COLORdash Accent Quad’s size, is an onboard OLED display that makes it easy to control and address the fixture in DMX or standalone mode.  CHAUVET Professional made the decision to upgrade to the OLED display in order to eliminate confusing dipswitches and enhance the fixture’s user-friendliness.

For further versatility, the COLORdash Accent Quad includes a variable electronic dimmer with four different dimming curves.  It is also equipped with an electronic shutter/strobe with a variable rate of 0 to 33 Hz.

Measuring just 4.3 x 2.6 x 6.8 inches (110 x 67 x 172 mm), the COLORdash Accent Quad’s compact size, bright output and full complement of professional features will make it a designer’s “go-to” colorwash anywhere space is an issue, said Ben Dickmann, Product Manager for CHAUVET Professional.  “We’ve essentially taken a high-power professional Quad-Color LED wash fixture and ‘shrunken’ it down, without sacrificing brightness, color rendering, or any of the operational and design features that lighting pros have come to expect,” commented Dickmann.

“The COLORdash Accent Quad performs like a full-size RGBA wash with its punchy output and even color blending, only it’s scaled to fit into smaller areas, thereby providing a solution to illuminating tight spaces.

With a 15° beam angle and silent operation, it’s also perfect for accenting small objects, artwork, products, displays and other focal points with colored light,” added Dickmann.

Among the other attributes of this feature-packed mini wash are built-in automated programs that can be recalled via DMX or Master/Slave.  The COLORdash Accent Quad also comes equipped with 5-pin XLR connectors, as well as a versatile dual-bracket yoke that can either be hung or used as a floor stand.  At just 1.8 pounds (0.8 kg), it can be transported, set up and stored anywhere with ease.

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