Ohio’s Faith Family Church Selects FOR-A Video Switcher as Part of HD Transition

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Faith Family Church HVS-390HS SwitcherWhen North Canton, O.H.-based Faith Family Church was recently searching for a switcher to accommodate the HD transition for its 3,800-seat facility, the house of worship found exactly what it was looking for in FOR-A’s 2 M/E HVS-390HS video switcher. Faith Family Church staff first laid their eyes on the unit at last year’s NAB Show, and immediately knew it was an ideal fit.

“We do our best to spend our money as wisely as we possibly can, and FOR-A’s HVS-390HS cost effectiveness blew every other switcher out of the water,” said Kyle Whittaker, Faith Family Church HVS-390HS SwitcherProduction Director at Faith Family Church. “The switcher has all the features we wanted. A 2 M/E unit was crucial to us for our productions, and its ease of use was a big selling point. Since volunteers operate our switcher, it needed to be very intuitive to use.”

Faith Family Church has a team of 70 volunteers, five of which work directly with the switcher and operate the board during productions. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, the volunteers easily learned how to operate the switcher. The house of worship also relies on its full-time creative team to produce great content, including in-house graphics and video production staff.

Faith Family Church uses video production in many ways, including media events, I-MAG to its audience, and live streaming to its website so that people from around the world can see their services. Running a large center screen with visuals and I-MAG while simultaneously showcasing different lyrics, scriptures, graphics, and live cuts on their side screens is now all accomplished with the HVS-390HS switcher. The church sometimes uses FOR-A’s HVS-350HS as an external panel, enabling the house of worship’s co-director to do center screen cuts during productions.

The FOR-A unit was first used for a large-scale, multi-day youth conference earlier this year. Whittaker explains, “Our first time using the switcher for a big event went off without a hitch. It was great to be able to do a ton more things production-wise than we’d been able to do in the past.”

Faith Family Church switcher operators have been pleased with the ability to program the switcher via a remote location thanks to its software interface. Whittaker sometimes programs the switcher from his office, and is happy with the reliability of the HVS-390HS’s interface.

Whittaker concludes, “We fell in love with the HVS-390HS switcher right away, and it’s been perfect for our church in our transition over to HD.”

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