June 2014

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Technologies for Worship Magazine


  • Technology Spotlight: Setting the Stage at Bellevue Baptist Church
  • Bringing Light to Mobile Churces
  • Creating Worship Presentations that Work
  • Choosing the Right Speaker System
  • Visual Storytelling

Product Reviews

  • Ultimate Ears
  • Integrator BeckTV
  • Yamaha CL5


  • In the Muse: Committing to Excellent
  • Backstage : Stars and Stripes Lights, Christian Faith Way, WA
  • Industry News & Installs

Digital Extras

  • Storefront: 10Gb Ethernet and The Art of Balance
  • Top Ten Video Encoding Solutions for Your HoW from Blonder Tongue
  • Book Excerpt: Strange Leadership – 40 Ways to Lead an Innovative Organization
  • Product News

Worship Worldwide

  • CRC Church, Pretoria, South Africa install DiGiCo

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