Stories about the newest developments in churches around the world. We study new buildings, retrofits and equipment installation and use for live events and performances. Learn from several projects with varying challenges and details.

Leed by Example
July 2010 by Steve Freeman

Digital for Everyman
March 2010 by Daniel Keller

Presbyterian Church of Shinkwang Iksan Korea
April 2009 by Steve Freeman

New Marco Island Church: Transformation through Technology
December 2008 by Michael Kirby

World Harvest’s New High-Def Studio
November 2008 by Joy Zaccaria

Making Your Church Multi-Purposed
November 2008 by Liz Bissett

High Tech Meets Old World In Modern-Day Cathedral
July/August 2008 by Brian Dupre

HBU’s Morris Cultural Arts Center: Connecting Campus & Community
January / February 2008 by Charles Conte

MIAMI’S METRO LIFE CHURCH: Multi-Format System Reaches Beyond New Facility
October 2007 by Carl Lindemann

At Northwest Foursquare, IT TAKES A NETWORK
September 2007 by Daniel Keller

Illuminating St. Ignatius Church in San Francisco, CA
July / August 2007 by Alan Lindsley

Acoustics for the Church Studio
July / August 2007 by Nick Colleran

November 2006 by Leonard Brown

Best Laid Plans: Resurrection Life Church
October 2006 by Keith Clark

Expressing A Vision: Willow Creek
October 2006 by Doug Engstrom

Acoustic Revitalization at First UMC- Birmingham, MI
September 2006 by Russ Cooper

Gear Shift at Calvary Church- Santa Ana, CA
September 2006 by Keith Clark

From No-Tech to High-Tech in One Bold Leap: Westbrook Church, Hartland, WI
April 2006 by Charles Conte

A Clear Message from Above: Highpoint Church
January/February 2006 by Roger Maycock

A Taste of Victory – Technology Enhances the Worship Experience at Victory Church, Winchester, VA-
November 2005 by Charles Conte

Lakewood Church: From Stadium to Sanctuary
October 2005 by Kevin Rogers Cobus

From Factory to House of Worship
July/August 2005 by Meg Muran

Churches with Sound Challenges
March 2005 by Travis McGee

Cathedral Sound: Echoing the Aesthetics, not the Signal
March 2005 by Meg Muran

Supermarket Solution- Liberty Christian Center, Fairfield, CA
March 2005 by Christian Doering

Highland Presbyterian Church- Dallas, TX
January 2005 by Daniel Keller

Perimeter Church: Come on In
November 2004 by Cathy Hutchison

Northwest Foursquare Church- Seattle, WA
September 2004 by Daniel Keller

Fellowship Bible Church- Little Rock, AR
September 2004 by Howard Sherman

At The Crossroads- A Tabernacle in the Bronx
July 2004 by Howard Sherman

Harvest Christian Fellowship: No Longer Sounding Like it’s 1979
July 2004 by Linda Seid Frembes

International House of Prayer
May 2004 by Pete Willard

Recording Space Without Breaking the Bank
May 2004 by Alicia Koledin

Cornerstone Church, Maumee OH
May 2004 by Melissa Berman

Feel the Music- Brentwood Baptist Deaf Church
March 2004 by Cathy Hutchison

Calvary Temple
January 2004 by Mike Lethby

Basilica of the National Shrine
January 2004 by Rick Shepard

The Buckhead Church
January 2004 by Peter Taylor

Church In-Styles: Vinton Baptist Church
November 2003 by Carla Higdon

Church In-Styles: First Presbyterian Church
November 2003 by Steve Harvey

Church In-Styles: ClearBranch United Methodist
November 2003 by Steve Fox

Church In-Styles: ShorelineChristianCenter
September 2003 by Sydney Page

Church In-Styles: National City Christian Church
September 2003 by Brian Patrick

Church In-Styles: Evangel Assembly of God
September 2003 by Mike Compton

Audio at Southeast Christian: The Rest of the Story
January 2000 by Daniel O’Connell