Church In-Styles: Evangel Assembly of God

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This system was one that took over a year of negotiation and delays until construction finally started. Once started, we still had 7 months of work ahead of us.

The sanctuary was designed to seat 750 people, however it is probably closer to the 675-700 person capacity. It was originally designed as a “multi-purpose” facility, however once the construction started, that idea was gone. I was able to work with the architect in the beginning of the design phase and we came up with a design that “broke up” the rear wall of the room by using angles built out 14″ across the back wall to help with acoustics. We still needed help because of the ceiling height, and the width of the room, for that we went with 2″ X 4′ X 10′ acoustic panels, supplied by Golterman-Sabo Company out of St. Louis, MO. These were chosen by the church and custom color matched to the carpet as an accessory color. The room has a reverb time of 1.35 seconds.

Four of the DAS DS15 speakers were arrayed across the front of the church in a L/R configuration for a full stereo sound. There is no place in the sanctuary that does not have L/R sound. The final two DAS DS15 speakers were used to feed the sound booth, which was located as a small balcony for the tech crew. These are also configured in the L/R mode to feed the sound mix the same sound as the people are hearing on the floor. For hanging we used the recommended AX12/15 hanging brackets. We braced behind the drywall to allow for forged lag screws to be used.

The subwoofers were custom made in our shop using 3/4″ void free birch plywood. We also custom designed the hanging system. This was done using a Uni-Strut “cage”. It was attached to the sides and bottom of the inside of the cabinets using load rated, forged 3/8″ bolts and lock washers and nuts. The top of the Uni-Strut “cage” was left about 1″ from the top of the inside of the cabinet. We then used load rated 3/8″ forged eye bolts and lock nuts attached to the top of the strut. This allowed the load to be on the sides and bottom of the sub cabinets and not on the top where the weight could be a problem. The cabinet was constructed with glue, screws, and corner bracing. We sealed all seams with caulk and had the exterior sprayed with “TUFF COAT” for a totally airtight box. For the components we used the DAS G46 18″ component speakers. These boxes have a fantastic low-end sound and punch. You do not see these in any of the photos because they are suspended above the drop ceiling. This allows for the open space above the ceiling to act as a second sub cabinet.

This was a very important part of the complete install. The church had never had a “real” projection system prior to this new construction, so it was imperative that it be right. I called in Eddie Myers of I-Tech AV out of Little Rock, Arkansas. Together we came up with the right equipment that allows the church total functionality of their new system. When the system was done we installed Prologue on the computer, which allows for sermon notes, songs, announcements, nursery calls, whatever is needed with ease.

Once again this was a very important item for the church as they have plans for extensive drama now and in the future. Their lighting in the previous building consisted of some rental lights as needed. In talking to the church leadership to determine needs now and in the future we provided enough lighting for now, but installed enough circuitry to make expansion very easy. All of the circuitry is nicely hidden behind the trussing we installed for the light hang, and runs back to the dimmer rack. The NSI 24/48 console controls not only the typical stage lights, but will control intelligent lighting for the future.

This room presented a small problem in that it was smaller than originally planned. The room ended up being very wide and narrow. It is approximately 60′ in width and only about 24′ in depth.

For this room we used the DAS DS12 speakers in BLACK. We hung 4 of these speakers also using an L/R configuration, however this time a little different than the sanctuary. Because of the size problems, we hung 2 cabinets together for one side of the L/R combination and then about 20′ apart we hung the other 2 speakers in the L/R combination. For this room we also custom made some SINGLE 18’s. We used the same method for making the cabinets as we did in the sanctuary, with the exception we did not intend on hanging these speakers so we did not have to brace them for hanging. Here again we used the G46 components for the subs.

For the youth lighting this was never a part of the bid. We added it in at the end. We provide the light truss and installed it, and the youth put together a small lighting package.

This system consists of just 2 projectors hung on each side of the room to provide viewing for all the youth. We were able to get a 4 x 6 viewing area. We did install all appropriate wiring for computer and video inputs. Once again we installed the Prologue software on their computer. Budget did not allow for special screens, so they are projecting on the walls.

This was supposed to be a “portable” system, and ended up as a permanent install. In this install we kept if very simple. We used 2 of the DAS DS12 speakers in black and hung them so they would cover most of the room. We used a SPIRIT POWERSTATION 1200 for the mixer and permanently installed an audio snake. There is no other outboard processing. This room is typically used for “children’s church” and the sound is used for reinforcement for puppetry and audio for the video projection. They also have 3 MiPRO MR515 VHF wireless mics, 2 head worn, and 1 hand held. We also installed a video projector that is projected on the wall for video action with puppets or just to show videos for the kids.

I would like to thank Evangel Assembly of God for their cooperation in allowing the photos to be taken, and especially to Dennis Dull for all his mega help and support in the whole bidding and install process. Dennis was the board member and person in charge of the Technical aspect of the church.