Fort Myers Ministry & Technology EXPO

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 February 20th from 8AM – 6PM

The Ministry & Technology Expo is an outstanding opportunity for Pastors, Church technical staff, and volunteers to learn about the latest developments in worship AV and to gain a close look at a wide variety of products optimized for the church market.

Audio, video, and lighting are rapidly becoming an integral part of the contemporary worship experience. A well-designed AV system is a tremendous tool that, by bringing music, images, lyrics, plus other visuals and lighting, serves as a dramatic support mechanism for helping to make services more relevant to congregations of all ages.

Unfortunately, there is limited information and opportunity for churches to gain the know-how necessary to make informed decisions about investing in AV equipment—and this is precisely what the Ministry & Technology Expo is all about.

The Expo exists to provide a place where pastors, worship leaders and volunteers of any size church can attend, see the latest in technology for use in the church and be trained by some of the best professionals in the industry. To provide exhibitors an opportunity to expose pastors, worship leaders and church volunteers to the technology and services they offer.

Churches that excel in media and worship are those who invest in their teams and The Ministry & Technology EXPO is the best way to invest! Ministry & Technology and WorshipMD has designed a proven template that allows you to bring a national level seminar to the doors of your Church! No more figuring out travel plans, expensive hotels, work schedules. Why should you have to travel and pay for training when it’s available in your town?

The Ministry & Technology EXPO is designed to be a one or two day seminar with key manufacturers in an expo hall format. Classes can range from audio 101 to leading worship with some of the best national acts.


Previous attendees tell us that the quality of their training can be measured by the knowledge of their instructor. We couldn’t agree more. As experts in their respective fields, our instructors consult, keep up to date with industry developments, and most importantly, they make the success of each attendee a priority.


Our classes fall into a few groups; basic, advanced and “Hands On” classes. The term basic does not imply that the lessons or techniques are simple or easy. Instead it refers to classes that is intended for those beginning in AVL. These classes are used to build a good foundation for taking more advanced classes. Visit for the 2016 schedule of classes.


All Exhibitors at the Ministry & Technology seminar are hand picked based on their service to the Church. We have worked hand in hand with all the vendors and will stand behind each and every one.



The Fort Myers MOTX is brought to you by Creative Sound & Lighting Solutions

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