Five Minutes with…Gene Byce, Jr.,President, Jireh Supplies, Inc.

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TFWM: Can you tell us a little about how your company got its start?

Gene Byce: When I started Jireh Supplies, we were primarily selling ProCell batteries and gaff tape to churches. Over the years, we received more requests for equipment. After we began receiving numerous requests for other equipment, we began selling various brands of pro audio equipment. This evolved to being a full line dealer for most manufacturers. Then, after several years, once again, based on requests, we expanded into design, consulting, installation, and training and God blessed us. Most recently we have expanded again to include a full retail showroom in Lawrenceville, GA.

TFWM: What is the difference between a product distributer, a supplier, a dealer and a manufacturer in this industry- and where does Jireh best fit?

GB: Jireh Supplies fits into a unique niche in the pro audio market. We have our online store, we have a retail store, we install equipment, and train churches. I feel that our customers like the fact that when they call to ask about a particular piece of equipment, we not only sell the equipment – we install and use the same equipment on a regular basis. We have experience with the equipment as installers, and users. Jireh Supplies fits into various segments of the industry and we always listen to our customers and help educate them so they can make their best decision – not based on what we want to sell.

TFWM: Can you tell us a bit about Jireh Fest?

GB: We recently completed our second annual Jireh Fest event in November. Jireh Fest is a two-day event featuring great sales on products, free product demonstrations and free training. It is our opportunity to give back to the community and our customers. This year at Jireh Fest we had representatives on hand from various manufacturers including JBL, Shure, Aviom, Peavey, Yamaha and many others to help answer questions. We will continue Jireh Fest every year in November.

TFWM: What in your opinion is the value of training to house of worship techs?

GB: Training is everything. From our experience, many worship techs are volunteers. These are great people who want to give their time to help the church and the worship experience. These are also the unsung heroes. Time should be invested into these volunteers so that they can have an increasing knowledge to be able to perform their job better. This is why we offer free training classes at Jireh Fest, and now throughout the year. We also offer training for the entire tech team at the customer’s church.

You can tell someone to turn on the vocals, but if you teach them how to mix sound, and how the equipment functions, then you have helped to create a sound technician. Drummers, piano players and guitarists all learn to play their instruments. Worship Techs need to learn to use their instruments as well.