Cosmic Truss Launch New Monitor & TV Mounting Bracket

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CosmicTrussMonitor&TVMountingBracketCosmic Truss has launched a brand new display monitor and TV mounting bracket that is compatible with their F34 and F44 truss systems. Constructed from steel, measuring 16 inches wide, and just 3/16 inch thick this new bracket is both lightweight, yet extremely strong. It ships complete with two Cosmic Truss narrow half couplers and so is ready for use straight out of the box.
With standard VESA mounting holes, the TV bracket will accept any standard VESA TV or presentation monitor effortlessly and forms a much more compact solution than other mounting systems on the market. An optional adaptor is also available for large screen monitors and televisions which don’t have the standard VESA system, thus making the new bracket suitable for any monitor device on the market.

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