Book Excerpt: 125 Tips for MultiSite Churches. Pt 2

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125TipsWhy Multisite?

  1. First question to ask going MultiSite is, “Why are we doing this?” To fulfill mission, reach more, and increase impact.
  2. Going MultiSite is less about growing a church and more about reaching a community.
  3. A MultiSite campus is a new congregation in a new location. MultiSite is church-planting 21st Century style!
  4. “We have to clarify in order to multiply. We cannot export what we cannot explain” (Dr. John Jackson).
  5. MultiSites take the church to the people rather than forcing them to drive long distances to a church.
  6. A MultiSite church puts the “local” back in the local church.
  7. What began as Band-Aid for megachurches out of room, MultiSite proved to be an option for healthy churches of any size.
  8. MultiSite is not the vision for your church, but it can be a vehicle for your church’s vision.
  9. MultiSites create more seats at optimal inviting hours at less cost.
  10. Primary reason for going MultiSite is not proximity convenience for church members but reaching those far from God.
  11. MultiSite evolution: Space solution for megachurch . . . growth strategy for healthy church . . . revitalization for stuck church.
  12. MultiSite helps churches solve a space problem, reach people, grow, mobilize volunteers and leaders, reach an area, multiply impact.
  13. Wrong reasons to MultiSite: everybody else is doing it, it could fix my church, it might work. Right reason: God’s leading.
  14. John Wesley, who was criticized for preaching outside the walls of the church, started a great awakening. Go and do likewise!

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Jim Tomberlin began his multisite church journey in the mid-1990s when he was the senior pastor at Woodman Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs, CO. In 2000 he went on to pioneer the multisite model at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago. Since 2005 he has been coaching churches in developing and implementing multi-campus strategies.

As Founder and Senior Strategist of Multisite Solutions, Jim leads a seasoned team of practitioner specialists in assisting churches in maximizing their redemptive potential through intensive and insightful multisite and church merger consultation. Jim is the author of 125 Tips for Multisite Churches and co-author with Warren Bird of Better Together: Making Church Mergers Work.

Tim Cool has assisted more than 350 churches (over 4 million square feet) throughout the United States with their facility needs. He has collaborated with churches in the areas of facility needs analysis, design coordination, pre-construction coordination, construction management and lifecycle planning/facility management.

Tim is the author of the book, Successful Master Planning: More Than Pretty Pictures and Why Church Buildings Matter. Tim is married to his best friend, Lisa, and resides in Charlotte, NC with their teenage triplets.