ArKaos MediaMaster Pro and Jands Vista Training from AC Lighting at Infocomm

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ArKaos MediaMaster Pro Training 

arkaos-media-packs-4Designed for creative lighting designers, video operators and programmers, the ArKaos media server class provides participants with everything required to setup, program and run a show, including video mapping, edge blending, 3D mapping and advanced geometrical correction. Each half-day session
provides focused, hands-on training with the new MediaMaster Pro V4.2 software and media servers range, direct from the ArKaos factory trainer.

Target Audience:

Creative lighting and video professionals who wish to establish a solid core of media server knowledge on one of the most powerful and economical media server solutions on the market.

Session Highlights:

  1. Hardware Overview: Stage, Studio and Stadium Servers
  2. Software: Overview of MediaMaster Express 4.2 and MediaMaster Pro 4.2
  3. Interface: Including Theatre Mode and Advanced Fixture Mode
  4. Geometrical Correction: Soft Edge, Keystone, Geometrical Correction, Basic and Advanced Soft Edge
  5. LED Mapper Interface Overview and Fixture Mapping
  6. Video Mapper: Interface Overview, Output Management Hands-On 3D Surface Mapping and Interpolation

Taught by: Benjamin Bauwens from ArKaos

Class limit: 10 (two per workstation)


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

9:00 am – 1:00 pm

LT02 ArKaos Media Server Training


Thursday, June 18, 2015

9:00 am – 1:00 pm

LT03 ArKaos Media Server Training


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Jands Vista Training 

vista_l5Spend the day learning how to program on one of the most innovative lighting consoles on the market. Begin thinking and working visually. This class will provide beginner and advanced level training, exposing you to the incredible power of the Vista’s visual interface and timeline.

No matter if you are new to the exciting Jands Vista lighting & media control range, or are an existing user, the latest Vista v2.3 software will enable you to 36get the most from whatever mix of technology you have available, whether dimmers, moving lights, LEDs or media. Imagine if you could design your lightshow the way you see it – visually.

The training session will cover all aspects of the Vista v2.3 software and is geared to all levels and types of user – including designers, programmers, operators – no matter what your background or knowledge level.

Jands Vista Training

Target Audience: Console operators and programmers

Seminar Highlights:

  1. Patching and setting up the Vista’s visual interface for your work flow
  2. Creating and updating Group, Position, Color and Beam palettes
  3. Programming conventional and moving lights with the Vista’s unique timeline
  4. Creating and editing dynamic chase effects
  5. Creating and manipulating pixel mapped images
  6. Working with media servers and the timeline
  7. Networking multiple consoles and back-up configuration

Taught by: console expert Eddie Welsh of Jands

Tuesday, June 16th – 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

LT01 Jands Vista Lighting / Media Console Training

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