5 Minutes with… GARY GUNN, Market Development Manager, Installed & Tour Sound, AKG ACOUSTICS

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TFWM: AKG owns over 1500 patents for microphones, headsets and wireless systems. What mindset has created such a large number of patents?

Gary Gunn: AKG Acoustics has always been an engineering-driven company. Throughout our 60-year history, we have successfully developed the “first” in many areas of microphone and headphone technology and continue to do so. Recently, we have begun to highlight the end-user benefits of these technologies in terms of frequency response, battery life, S/N ratio, etc.

TFWM: What has contributed to AKG’s success in carving out a strong niche in the House of Worship install and Christian music market?

GG: I feel that the biggest success is a result of our listening to the market’s needs, and subsequently bringing to market product that offers solutions to meet those audio needs:

Having a long battery life without sacrificing audio quality
Having a rechargeable solution
Having a wireless microphone with a frequency response that in most cases in only available by using a wired microphone
TFWM: Regarding the WMS 40 Pro Wireless system, what are the three features you would like worship musicians and worship leaders to note?

GG: The first of the three WMS 40 Pro features most important to this market is an industry-leading 30-hour battery life using one AA battery. This translates directly to a low cost of ownership for the end-user. Batteries can be expensive, so the longer they last, the better. The second feature is the system’s ease-of-use. Simply plug it in and you’re ready to go. The third and most obvious is the high-quality audio produced through the system.

TFWM: Looking specifically at the battery life of a WMS 40 Pro, how many hours of operation can be expected using AA batteries?

GG: The WMS 40 PRO can operate for up to 30 hours on a single charge or a single AA battery. The average cost-savings on batteries means that the unit pays for itself within two years (averaging use and battery pricing).

TFWM: How would you counsel worship musicians and worship leaders purchasing a WMS 40 PRO Wireless to reduce or eliminate feedback?

GG: Dealing with feedback is certainly always a concern when dealing with microphones, whether wired or wireless. The key is that you achieve plenty of gain before feedback occurs. The problem with wireless as to feedback is that the user has complete freedom to roam in area that a wired microphone prevents them from going. A headset microphone will most likely give the best solution due to the closeness of the microphone element and constant distance to the mouth. As with all microphones, choosing the right microphone for the user is a key element in its success.