Square Box Systems Launches Enterprise-Scale Pegasus Server

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Square Box Systems, the company behind the industry-leading CatDV media asset management (MAM) system, today introduced its top-of-the-line CatDV Pegasus Server. Suitable for the largest enterprise deployments with the most demanding MAM requirements, the Pegasus Server features an all-new accelerated CatDV search engine for lightning-fast, Google-style searches across millions of assets. The Pegasus Server also includes support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL databases, as well as robust analytics, reporting, and audit capabilities.

Square Box Systems’ CatDV is one of the world’s most widely adopted and best-connected MAMs, helping teams organize, communicate, and collaborate effectively in organizations that create or manage a large volume of digital media. Targeting production, postproduction, and repurposing of finished media assets, CatDV is well-suited to content creators in traditional broadcast and production, as well as many other types of businesses.

The new Pegasus Server fills out the top end of the CatDV server family, joining two others: the entry-level CatDV Workgroup Server, ideal for small teams, and the CatDV Enterprise Server, equipped with configurable security and suited to larger departments and production facilities. Enabling networked CatDV operation, all three servers leverage a powerful client-server architecture and a central shared database, which allows media catalogs to be searched and updated by multiple concurrent users.

With the accelerated CatDV search engine and a new auto-suggest capability for search terms, the Pegasus Server delivers vastly improved search capabilities that are especially powerful in enterprise-scale deployments with many millions of assets. By precaching searches, the Pegasus Server enables text searching that can be at least 100 times faster than other MAM search engines. By tracking every change to the CatDV database, the Pegasus Server also delivers full audit capabilities. The server’s reporting and analytics engine enables users to generate system and media usage reports.

In addition, the Pegasus Server provides flexible access control rules that enable enterprises to set custom permissions based on a user’s role; for instance, only users that belong to a certain sports team can view game video for that team.

“The CatDV Pegasus Server offers everything large enterprises need to access and work with their mission-critical media assets as efficiently and safely as possible,” said Dave Clack, CEO of Square Box Systems. “At the 2016 NAB Show, we’re looking forward to showing enterprise customers how the Pegasus Server’s enhanced search, analytics, and security capabilities can deliver new efficiencies, cost savings, and peace of mind.”

Square Box Systems will highlight the Pegasus Server at the 2016 NAB Show in booth SL5025. The new server will be available immediately following the show, with support for Mac, Windows, and Linux environments. Square Box Systems will also offer an additional REST API option for the Pegasus Server that automates CatDV setup and configuration.

More information about Square Box Systems and its products is available at www.squarebox.com


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