New Yamaha SWP1 Series L2 Switches: Easy Dante Setup, Network Visibility

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Yamaha Corporation Japan has announced today the worldwide launch of the SWP1 Series of L2 gigabit network switches. These advanced network switches have been designed specifically for sound installation and live sound networking, with simple DIP switch Dante optimization and comprehensive graphical interfacing via Windows application.

The complexity of network switch setup up until now required an IT technician. With the SWP1, it can easily be accomplished by anyone. A simple DIP switch setting is all that is required to optimize the L2 network switches for Dante operation. A dedicated Windows™ application provides “network visibility” for comprehensive monitoring and control.

Yamaha Corporation entered the router business in 1995, and has grown to hold a significant share of Japanese small to medium enterprise and SOHO network markets. Twenty years later, audio networking has become one of the fastest growing, most highly valued technologies in the live sound and pro audio fields. In 2011, Yamaha introduced gigabit L2 switches that could be linked to Yamaha routers/firewalls with features that significantly reduced the network setup, maintenance, and management workload.

“With the continually expanding range of Dante devices, SWP1 Series network switches are a solution the professional audio market has been waiting for,” states Marc Lopez, commercial audio marketing manager, Yamaha Professional Audio Division. “These switches offer an ideal balance between IT and pro audio know-how that only Yamaha Corporation currently provides.”

The SWP1 simplifies switch configuration by having settings for QoS, IGMP Snooping and other parameters pre-configured for optimal Dante performance. It is ideal for audio engineers who may be new to IP networking or sound companies that are looking for a reliable switch with quick setup and deployment. It allows a Dante optimized setup to be recalled by flipping a single DIP switch, and no expertise or training is required.

Also, it is just as easy to set up independent VLAN domains to take full advantage of a network’s potential for handling StageMix or other Smart device functions; for example, and no expertise in IT is required. The SWP1 Series includes three VLAN presets that can be simply selected via a DIP switch. There is also a USER mode that allows fully customized VLAN setup.

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, the dedicated Yamaha Audio Network Monitor application for Windows™ computers provides a comprehensive view of parameters required for Dante network management including network traffic, switch status, and individual Dante device information. The Company refers to this type of graphical overview as “network visibility.” An end user can even take a snapshot of the normal network status and set an alarm to warn if any of the parameters change so that problems can be identified and resolved quickly and easily.

“The SWP1 Series network switches simplify the optimization of network configuration for Dante networks and typical network configuration settings while offering enhanced network status tools through their “network visibility’” capabilities”, states Lee Ellison, CEO of Audinate. “It is ideal for audio engineers who may be new to IP networking.”

Dante equipped Yamaha products such as the CL Series Digital Console have played a leading role in the evolution of SWP1 Series network switches, developed out of a desire to provide Yamaha customers’ easy solutions to operate with confidence and without the need for any special networking know-how.

The Yamaha SWP1 Series is a refined, revolutionary solution for Yamaha systems offering significant advantages for audio network setup, monitoring, and operating convenience in pro audio applications.

The Yamaha SWP1 Series will be available later this spring. For more information on the SWP1 Series network switches, visit