Technologies for Worship Magazine FAQ

Digital Magazine

Q. What makes the Digital Edition of TFWM special?
A. TFWM’s Extended Digital Edition offers several ways for readers to interact with the content. It gives readers the option to share specific articles on social networking sites, download PDFs of favourite stories, read the articles in different languages, click straight through to advertiser websites, plus more functionality is being added all the time.

Q. How do I find articles in the Current Issue?
A. There are two ways to find specific articles within our current issue. The first is to click on the article title on the cover page, which will take you straight to the article you want. The second is to locate the Issue Index (normally found on page 5) and click on the article you wish to read.

Q. How can I read articles in straight-text format?
A. If you are on a slower connection and wish to read the articles in TFWM in a text-only format, you can navigate to the article you wish to read and then click directly on the title of the article. This will take you straight to a text-only version.

Q.What kind of functionality can I expect from the Digital Edition toolbar?
A. Features of the toolbar are detailed as follows:


Access previous issues of the digital edition of TFWM by click the “Archives” tab on the left hand side of the digital magazine screen. All previous issues will populate your screen when this tab is clicked on. From there, click on the cover of the issue you want to read to access that issue.


Q. Who should I contact if I have a problem accessing or using the digital edition of TFWM?
A. If you have any problems accessing features of the digital edition, or have any questions in regards to the digital magazine, please contact Michelle Makariak at TFWM via phone: 705-500-4978 or email: